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Elden Ring Best Spears

Elden Ring has an array of weapons that the player can choose from and take on its brutal world. The spears are a great weapon choice for players that like to have a long reach and a strong piercing attack. You can perform various combos with the spears and deal a lot of damage as well. That is why we’ve made this Elden Ring best spears guide.

Elden Ring Best Spears

Elden Ring Best Spears

The best spears in Elden Ring are:

  • Inquisitor’s Girandole
  • Cleanrot Spear
  • Death Ritual Spear
  • Cleanrot Spear
  • Gargoyle’s Black Blades
  • Eleonora’s Poleblade

There are tons of other spears as well that you can use but the ones mentioned above are some of the best either due to their stats or the sheer amount of damage. Plus, I have listed down a few twin blades as well since they are essentially spears with another sharp end. With that said, let’s dive right in and find out why these are the best spears in Elden Ring. 

Inquisitor’s Girandole

Start off with the Inquisitor’s Girandole, it is a great spear that scales primarily with Strength, Dexterity, and Faith. It is a great weapon that has a medium reach when in melee combat. You can take advantage of the reach and damage the enemy while they try to attack you.

If you are curious to know where you can find it, we’ve got you covered. You can find this spear by killing the Abductor Virgins in Volcano Manor’s underground. Since the drop rate is a bit low, you will have to kill multiple enemies to get it. If you are lucky enough, you might even find it during the first few tries. 

This spear has a skill called Charge Forth. You can use this to track enemies and run straight at them. While that sounds simple, it is surprisingly difficult to hit considering you run straight ahead. If you manage to hit the enemies, you can cause Bleed damage to build up after every hit thanks to its passive.

Death Ritual Spear

The Death Ritual Spear is a relatively late-game item that can be found after killing the Death Rite Bird located on the Mountaintops of the Giants. Keep in mind that this enemy only spawns at night so make sure that you rest at a Site of Grace and wait till nighttime. 

After getting the spear, you will notice that it has a scaling of E in Str, D in Dex, and D in Int. On top of that, it requires 14 Str, 20 Dex, and 18 Int to properly wield. Thanks to its long reach, you can engage in close combat while staying at a safe distance. The enemies will have a tough time getting close to you if you know how to use this weapon.

Cleanrot Spear

I found the Cleanrot Spear to be quite effective thanks to its scaling and stats. You can find it by killing the spear-wielding Cleanrot Knights just south of the Heart of Aeonia by Commander O’Neil. Keep in mind that the drop rate is quite low so you’ll have to kill a lot of enemies before you get it. I managed to get this spear after about 10 minutes of farming.

In terms of stats, it has a scaling of D in STR, D in DEX, and D in Faith. Plus, you need to have a minimum of 16 STR, 16 DEX, and 14 Faith to equip it properly.

Gargoyle’s Black Blades

I know that the twin blades shouldn’t be on this list but this one is just too good to ignore. The Gargoyle’s Black Blades scales primarily with Strength, Dexterity, and Faith and is a good weapon for inflicting Holy damage. It is ideal for a Strength / Faith hybrid build thanks to its extraordinary stats and scaling.

You can find this twin blade by killing the Black Blade Kindred at the Forbidden Lands just before Mountaintops of the Giants. As you’ve already guessed, this is a late-game item that you can get after killing strong bosses and enemies. 

Eleonora’s Poleblade

Finally, the Elenora’s Poleblade is an extremely good weapon, especially for the early game. Its scaling is decent at first but becomes superb once upgraded. At first, STR is E, DEX is E, and ARC is D. You will need to have 12 STR, 21 DEX, and 19 ARC to properly equip this pole blade.

The best part about this pole blade is that it also applies a bleed debuff on enemies which is always a good passive to have. Using its skill – Bloodblade Dance – will allow you to do a flurry of tornado-like attacks while leaping in the air. You can use this attack to deal a lot of damage to the enemy and return to your position to quickly evade their attacks as well.

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