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Elden Ring Lanya Location: Where To Find

Lanya is Diallos house servant and is part of his questline. Here’s our Elden Ring Lanya location: where to find guide.

Elden Ring Lanya Location: Where To Find

Tarnished will encounter various characters on their journey to become Elden Lord. Aside from the main campaign, there are many quests that you can complete to have a better picture of From Soft new world. Elden Ring is filled with epic landscapes and compelling side quests. 

One of the many characters you will meet in Lands Between is Diallos. You will first encounter Dialos at Roundtable Hold. He will tell you that he is looking for his house servant Lanya and will ask you to tell him if you ever come across her. 

Lanya is part of Diallos’ questline. To find Lanya, travel to Academy Gate Town, site of grace in Liurnia of Lakes region. You will find Diallos looking over Lanya’s body northwest from the site of grace. Dialos’ quest continues after finding Lanya.

Why Does Tarnished Need To Find Lanya?

Diallos is a noble looking for his house servant Lanya. She is part of Diallo’s questline. You must find Lanya in Liurnia of Lakes if you want to progress Diallo’s questline. Diallos is the brother of Juno Hoslow whom you can assassinate during the Volcano Manor quest assigned by Tanith.

Where To Find Lanya To Progress in Diallos’ Quest?

You will first meet Diallos standing in a corner at Roundtable Hold. He will ask you to look for his servant Lanya.

Where To Find Lanya in the Elden Ring?

After you have successfully defeated Godrick the Grafted, you will continue your journey towards Liurnia of Lakes. You can also skip Stormveil Castle by using a hidden passage to reach Liurnia of Lakes.

Elden Ring Lanya Location: Where To Find

After you have reached Liurnia of Lakes make your way toward Academy Gate Town Site of Gace. You can also fast travel to this location if you already unlocked this site of grace.

Elden Ring Lanya Location: Where To Find

Move northwest from the Site of Grace and you will hear Dillos’ wailing voice, follow the voice and you will find Lanya lying dead on the ground and Diallos looking down on her body mourning. Diallos tells you he will exact revenge for Lanya against those who have mercilessly killed her.

After this, Diallos will be back at the Roundtable Hold. He will tell you that he is going to the recusants hideout, which is on “Mt. Gelmir, found off the old road that leads west from the town of windmills”.

How To Complete Diallos’ Quest?

Patch 1.03 has added the conclusion to Diallos’ questline. After your last encounter with Diallos at Roundtable Hold, he will move to Volcano Manor on Mt. Gelmir.

Join Volcano Manor

To progress Diallos’ quest, you will have to join Volcano Manor. It is one of the six legacy dungeons in Elden Ring; you can reach this location after you have access to Altus Plateau.

After joining the Volcano Manor, you will find Diallos in the manor’s drawing room. You will have to progress in Tanith’s questline by completing the assassinations of fellow Tarnished. After completing each assignment, come back to the drawing room and speak with Diallos. 

After you have assassinated Old Knight Istvan and Rileigh, the Idle, speak with Diallos. He will not be interested in revenge anymore. Exhaust his dialogue here, and he will move out of the Volcano Manor.

Travel To Jurburg In Liurnia of Lakes

As the name suggests, Jarburg is a village in Liurnia of the Lakes, where Living Jars reside like Iron Fist Alexander. To reach this area, go to the Artist’s Shack and head to the cliff just south of Carian Study Hall. There’s no direct path. You need to jump from the cliff down the stone platforms to get there. Diallos will travel to Jarburg after moving out of Volcano Manor.

You will find Jar-Bairn to the left, sitting on the steps to a house. You need to exhaust all his dialog and reset the area a few times, Diallos will show up in a hut down the road. Speak with Diallos and reload the area. The Jarburg was attacked, and you will find Diallos lying on the ground. Approach him and he will ask if he successfully defended Jarburg.

Reply with “You defended them” and he will say “Then all is well… This fool proved his worth, in the end…”. Bringing end to Diallos’ quests. After some time Diallos’ body will disappear leaving behind Diallos’s Mask, Hoslow’s Petal Whip, and a Numen’s Rune.

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