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How To Marry Aela In Skyrim?

Aela is one of the best choices in the game when it comes to marriage. If you want to know how to complete her quests and how to get the amulet to marry her, continue reading to find out. With that said, let’s take a look at how to marry Aela in Skyrim.

How To Marry Aela In Skyrim?

Skyrim is an RPG that features tons of content for the player to explore. You can go on an epic journey to encounter NPCs, enemies, cities, places of interest, and much more. All that traveling can become boring and tiring if you are alone on your quest. That is where the marriage mechanic comes into play. You can marry various NPCs in the world if you want to. Each of them provides a different buff or advantage. That is why this guide will show you how to marry Aela the Huntress in Skyrim. 

How To Marry Aela In Skyrim?

To marry Aela the Huntress in Skyrim, you need to join the Companions and complete a few of her quests. Then, get the Amulet of Mara from Maramel. Equip it and talk to her to get the option to ask her to marry you. If she is interested, she will say yes.

Join the Companions 

Before you can think about marrying Aela, you need to join the Companions guild. This is among the many guilds of Skyrim, and they have their own quests that you need to embark on. Plus, you’ll have to become a werewolf by the end of it, so there’s that if that’s what you wanted. 

To join the Companions, head over to Whiterun and talk to Kodlak Whitemane. Complete the quest that he gives you, and you will be able to move forward. The quest is not that lengthy, and everything is clearly mentioned when you are doing the quest, so you shouldn’t have any issues. Now, you can do the Proving Honor quest, which will allow you to join the Companions. 

Complete the Blood Honor Quest

How To Marry Aela In Skyrim?

Now that you are a part of the Companions, you can take a quest called Blood Honor. For this, you need to become a lycanthrope. Talk to Kodlak Whitemane, and he will tell you to collect something for him. Accept this quest and follow the instructions of the quest. You will need to enter the cave that is found next to the Bilegulch Mine

Here, you will encounter a few Glenmoril Witches. Kill them to collect their head and return to Kodlak. However, upon your return, you will see that the Silver Hand has been attacked. This will automatically begin the next quest, Purity of Revenge.

Do the Purity of Revenge Quest

How To Marry Aela In Skyrim?

After getting this quest, head over to the Driftshade Refuge and enter the cellar, keep in mind that there will be tons of traps inside, so watch out for those. Also, you’ll encounter a few Silver Hands there as well. Kill them as you move along to make it easier for you to continue the quest. Once you reach a certain point, you will be asked to retrieve the fragments of Wuuthrad. Do that, and the next quest will automatically start.

Glory of the Dead Quest

How To Marry Aela In Skyrim?

This is the final quest that you need to do in order to marry Aela. For this, you must attend Kodlak’s funeral and talk to Eorlund to give him the fragments that you collected. Upon giving him the final fragment, you will be rewarded with Wuuthrad

Now, make your way to Ysgramor’s Tomb and place the axe on the statue so that you can move forward. There will be random enemies in this area, so make sure that you are prepared to take them on. Keep moving forward in the tomb until you reach the burial chamber. 

Here, you will want to place the head of the witch that you collected previously in the fire. When you do that, a wolf will be summoned, and you will have to defeat it. After killing the wolf, you will be able to talk to Kodlak again. Do that to finish this questline. 

How to Get the Amulet of Mara

How To Marry Aela In Skyrim?

Now that you have completed the quest line, you can get the amulet and ask Aela to marry you. To get the amulet, you need to head over to the priest at the Riften Temple. Talk to him and choose the options where he talks about marriage. Let him explain how it works, and he will reward you with the amulet. 

Now, equip the amulet and head over to Aela and talk to her. At this point, she should easily say yes to your proposal since you have done everything for her. Choose the additional marriage dialogs and talk to Maramel to arrange your marriage. Stay close to the temple because the ceremony can take up to 24 hours in-game time. 

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