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Is Bleed Good In Elden Ring? Best Bleed Build

Is Bleed good in Elden Ring? Let’s take a look and find out!

Elden Ring has no shortage of builds when it comes to optimizing your arsenal. You could choose to what your opponents with a colossal cane, or you could use a smooth and sharp dagger-esque sword to dismantle your opponents. The choice is yours and yours alone. 

Bleed is currently the strongest build one can go for in Elden Ring. This is due to the hemorrhage along with the armor reduction. Plus, it’s pretty easy to melt enemies with the help of Bleed. As long as you have the necessary DEX, a Bleed build can go long way. 

Bleed is only strong when implemented correctly. You can’t expect it to work on mages or tanks. Therefore, it’s generally best to distribute your stats as perfectly as possible. 

In this article, we will discuss how the Bleed lethality works and the best build to try it on. With that said, let’s jump in and get started!

What Is Bleed, and How Does It Work?

Is Bleed Good In Elden Ring? Best Bleed Build

Bleed is a status effect that incurs a blood loss buildup with each successful hit on the enemy. While there is a set cap on the amount of damage it can deal, you’d be surprised at the damage that a Bleed-based build can output. 

Whenever you damage your opponent, a blood loss meter will begin to fill up. The more blood loss there is, the more hemorrhage damage your character deals. Since this stat generally scales with strength and dexterity, pure dex builds are the way to go. 

How To Add Bleed To a Weapon In Elden Ring?

Is Bleed Good In Elden Ring? Best Bleed Build

While most Bleed-based weapons come with the passive pre-applied on them, there’s a manual method that can convert a non-bleed weapon to a bleed one. You can either choose to imbue the said weapon with the Ash of War: Blood Blade, or you can add bleed affinity to it. 

In order to do the latter, you will need to head to the Black Whetblade. Since he’s rather easy to find in the Night’s Sacred Grounds, you just need to head to Nokron. 

What’s The Best Bleed Build in Elden Ring?

While every bleed-based weapon can inflict hemorrhage, you would still need to find a weapon that can maximize its value. Generally, the Katanas tend to work the best when playing with Bleed since they’re weapons designed specifically for the said task. 

Within these katanas, you ought to go for Rivers of Blood. It not only possesses one of the best bleeds in the game but is also considered a generally good weapon. Therefore, pairing it with the Corpse Piler skill is the way to go. 

Is Bleed Good In Elden Ring? Best Bleed Build

Consequently, you will also need to use the Lord of Blood’s Exultation talisman to maximize your attack power. While you could use the White Mask, it’s generally harder to obtain. Therefore, work with what you have to produce the best results possible. 

Lastly, you can use the Carian Filliigreed Crest to reduce FP usage. Since almost every katana build suffers from FP depletion, it would be a good idea to invest in FP recovery than max FP. Needless to say, you will be building for the late game. 

Therefore, you can spend your due time in order to find all the mentioned items to conjure the strongest version against the late-game bosses.


To sum it all up, Bleed is an insanely overpowered ability that has the potential to melt even the tankiest of opponents. It is a stacking ability so that you will be dealing more damage with every slash. However, it’s best to keep the combo going since the effect is not everlasting. 

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