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Elden Ring: Enia The Finger Reader Location Guide

Enia is an important NPC and helps you draw out the power that lies within a remembrance. Follow our Elden Ring: Enia the Finger Reader location guide to find her!

Elden Ring: Enia The Finger Reader Location Guide

The number of NPCs in Elden Ring are far greater compared to previous From Soft games. Some of the NPCs can only appear after specific conditions are met, or you have progressed up to a certain point in the main campaign. Finger Readers are NPCs Tarnished will encounter on his path to the Erdtree.

Enia is different from all Finger Readers you encounter throughout Lands Between. Enia serves as a direct interpreter of the Two Fingers, envoys to the Greater Will. 

Elden Ring: Enia The Finger Reader Location Guide

Enis can be found in the Roundtable Hold after defeating at least one Shardbearer. Here is how you can find Enia as soon as possible.

  1. Defeat a Shardbearer
  2. Travel To Roundtable Hold
  3. Enia’s Location

Why Do Players Need To Find Enia?

Enia is one of the most important NPCs in the Elden Ring. As you move forward in your quest to become Elden Lord and defeat Shardbearers, Enia will provide insight regarding the state of Lands Between and will warn you about the consequences of your actions. Enia also acts as a merchant providing you with boss items in exchange for Remembrances.

Where To Find Enia The Finger Reader In Elden Ring?

Enia The Finger Reader is present at the Roundtable Hold, but you will be able to unlock the door to her after you defeat a demigod first.

Step 1: Defeat a Shardbearer

Elden Ring: Enia The Finger Reader Location Guide

You will have to defeat at least one Shardbearer to gain access to Enia’s room at Roundtable Hold. The very first demigod that you will fight is usually Godrick, The Grafted lord of Stromveil Castle. Godrick is a vicious foe with long-reaching attacks that deal massive damage, and in the second phase grafts a Dragon mouth on his arm to use fire in the fight.

You can also skip Godrick and instead go to Raya Lucaria Academy to defeat Rennala, Queen of Full Moon, as it is an easier fight than Godrick but the journey to Raya Lucaria Academy is long and tough if you are not fully prepared. It is better to persist and defeat Godrick.

Step 2: Travel To Roundtable Hold

Elden Ring: Enia The Finger Reader Location Guide

Roundtable Hold is a hub area in Elden Ring. It can not be found throughout the Lands Between. You can only access it by opening your map and fast traveling here. Melina invites the Tarnished to Roundtable Hold after your second encounter with her. You can first meet Melina by resting at Gatefront site of grace near the enemy camp at the start of the game. 

Elden Ring: Enia The Finger Reader Location Guide

After your second encounter with her she will invite you to Roundtable Hold, accept her offer and you will be teleported there. Afterwards, you can fast travel to Roundtable Hold by opening your map and selecting the Roundtable Hold marker in the bottom left corner of the map.

Step 3: Enia The Finger Reader Location

Elden Ring: Enia The Finger Reader Location Guide

After you have defeated at least one demigod and acquired a Great Rune and boss Remembrance, travel to Roundtable Hold. You will see a new door with stairs is opened.

Elden Ring: Enia The Finger Reader Location Guide

Enia can be found in a room near the Table of Lost Grace wielding a massive club. You will also find the Two Fingers in the same room as Enia. She serves as the interpreter of Two Fingers and conveys to you what the Two Fingers want to say.

How To Draw Power From Remembrances?

Elden Ring: Enia The Finger Reader Location Guide

Enia The Finger Reader also acts as a merchant. After defeating demigods, you will receive their Remembrance. You can draw out heroic powers from these remembrances. After defeating Godrick, you will receive Remembrance of Godrick the Grafted. You can trade this Remembrance with Enia to either get the Axe of Godrick or the Grafted Dragon.

After you have defeated two sharbeares, come back to Enia and she will start selling you the armor of the bosses and demigods you just killed.

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