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What Does Lure Do In Minecraft?

Lure is a fishing rod enchantment used for fishing. If you are fishing in Minecraft, you might what to know what does Lure do in Minecraft. 

What Does Lure Do In Minecraft?

Minecraft is an entire world of its own. You can go about building your perfect house. Maybe you always wanted a cattle farm. Minecraft allows you to do that too. You might be fond of fishing. Well, you can do it as much as you like in Minecraft. You might not be too good at it, but there’s a fix for that too. 

If you have been fishing with no particular luck in Minecraft, you can always use one of the various enchantments present in Minecraft. One of them that is related explicitly to finishing is Lure. You might be thinking, what does Lure do in Minecraft? Let’s find out.

Lure is a fishing rod enchantment in Minecraft. Applying Lure to your fishing rod will increase the speed at which a fish bites the player’s fishing hook.

What Does Lure Do In Minecraft? 

What Does Lure Do In Minecraft?

Applying Lure to your fishing rod will decrease the amount of time you will have to wait for a fish to bite the hook of your fishing rod. There are three levels in the Lure enchantments, and each level decreases the bite time by 5 seconds, with the default time being 30 seconds without the Lure enchantment.

How to get the Lure Enchantment In Minecraft? 

What Does Lure Do In Minecraft?

The first thing that you are going to need is a fishing rod. Since Lure is only applicable on fishing rods. Crafting a fishing rod is relatively simple. You can do it by combining three sticks and two strings. 

  • Go to a Crafting table.
  • Add 3 sticks in a pattern (Diagonal) and combine it with 2 strings,
  • You’ll get a fishing rod.
What Does Lure Do In Minecraft?

After acquiring the fishing rod, the next step is getting the enchantment. 

There are a few ways of getting the Lure enchantment. You can buy an enchantment book from a librarian or get the power-up by placing your fishing rod on an enchanting table. As said before, Lure has three upgrade levels, and maxing out the power-up will require 30 experience levels. 

Here’s how you can apply Lure to your fishing rod.

What Does Lure Do In Minecraft?
  • Go to an enchantment table
  • Combine a fishing rod with 3 Lapis Lazuli
  • The higher your experience level the higher level of Lure you can get
  • If you already have the enchantment book for lure, you can go to an Anvil and combine the Fishing rod with the book. 
  • You’ll fishing rod will be enchanted with Lure.
What Does Lure Do In Minecraft?

Players can also find this enchantment as loot in chest boxes if they are lucky enough. 

How To Use Lure In Minecraft? 

After you have applied Lure to your fishing rod, all you have to do is fish normally. You will see that the bite timings on your fishing rod will decrease significantly. 

Although, if you are having a hard time finding the right resources, it’s not because of the Lure enchantment. Lure doesn’t have any effect on the kind of resources that you find. If you want to get lucky, combine the lure enchantment with luck of the sea enchantment for better results. 


Getting the Lure enchantment and maxing it out is also not a very difficult task since you can find the enchantments easily and use your experience levels in order to max it out.. 

That was our guide for the Lure enchantment in Minecraft. We covered what it is, what it does, and how you can get it. We hope that the guide was helpful enough for you to learn everything you needed to know about Lure. 

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