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Best Helmet Enchantments in Minecraft (1.19)

These are the best helmet enchantments in Minecraft (Ranked)!

Best Helmet Enchantments in Minecraft

Enchantments play a vital role in Minecraft – especially in the end game. A helmet is one of the most important parts of the armor as it protects your head from potential damage. Since headshots have a higher damage multiplier, having a good helmet can save you from dying a lot of the time. Having good enchantments on top of that will further enhance your survivability. 

Best Helmet Enchantments in Minecraft

The best helmet enchantments in Minecraft are:

  • 1. Protection IV
  • 2. Unbreaking III
  • 3. Aqua Affinity I
  • 4. Thorns III
  • 5. Respiration III

These are just some of the best helmet enchantments in Minecraft that you can apply to not only improve your chances of survival but also improve your damage in certain cases. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at why these enchantments are considered the best. 

1. Protection IV

Best Helmet Enchantments in Minecraft

This is one of the best and most crucial enchantments that you must have on your helmet. The Protection enchantment reduces all incoming damage except for Void and Hunger damage. If you are planning to go and fight the Ender Dragon, this is one of the best enchantments against it. Since you are likely to take tons of damage fighting various mobs, having extra protection never hurts. 

However, keep in mind that this enchantment cannot work if you have other types of protection like Fire Protection or Blast Protection. Depending on what type of enemy you are facing or what biome you are in, use the relevant enchantment. With that said, the simple Protection enchantment works the best since it works against all types of damage apart from the aforementioned ones. 

2. Unbreaking III

Best Helmet Enchantments in Minecraft

As most players are aware, all equipment has durability to them. If you use them a lot, their durability will go down, and eventually, the item will break. Whether that’s a tool or armor, you will have to repair them or craft new ones. To ensure that the durability is high, you must put the Unbreaking enchantment on your helmet. 

This will make sure that your helmet lasts longer before needing to be repaired. This can not only save you time but also repair costs as well. 

3. Aqua Affinity I

Best Helmet Enchantments in Minecraft

The Aqua Affinity is one of the most useful enchantments that you can use on your helmet. This will help you maintain your mining speed while underwater. Once you use this enchantment, you can never go back since the slow speed is… quite slow.

The best part is that this enchantment can only be applied to the helmet so make sure that you have it. Mining underwater is more common than you might think, so, having your normal mining speed will help you harvest blocks faster and you won’t risk drowning. 

This enchantment works best with Respiration (which we’ll talk about later). Both of these enchantments will help you stay underwater longer while mining more materials than you normally would.  

4. Thorns III

Best Helmet Enchantments in Minecraft

Thorns is a good enchantment that will help you against other players or mobs. If they attack you, there is a slight chance that they will take damage back. The damage they take is equal to 1 heart. Since the maximum number of this enchantment is 3, you have a total of 15X3% chance to deal the damage back. 

However, keep in mind that doing so will consume more durability than normal. That is why having the Unbreaking enchantment alongside this is essential. Otherwise, your helmet will break faster than before and you will be mostly repairing it. 

If you do not want to use this enchantment – understandably so since most players do not prefer it, you can replace it with Mending. That allows you to repair one durability point by spending two XP orbs. Whatever you choose between these two completely depends on your playstyle and what you are looking for. 

5. Respiration III

Best Helmet Enchantments in Minecraft

As aforementioned, the Respiration enchantment works best with the Aqua Affinity. This is due to its effect that allows you to stay underwater longer. If you are curious to know how much this helps, it increases the time you can stay underwater by 15X3 seconds. That is why having Respiration 3 is important.  

On top of that, if you stay underwater for a longer duration, you have a slight chance that you will not take any drowning damage. This allows you to gain extra time so that you can resurface and get some air. However, that chance is quite less, so, don’t rely on it too much. 

Using the Turtle Shell will allow you to gain 10 more seconds which is a lot of total time that you can spend underwater. 

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