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V Rising: Best Weapon Types 2022 (December)

Here is our guide on V Rising: best weapon types in the game.

Fighting bare-fisted isn’t really the only way to play an ARPG. You have the ability to wield powerful weapons in order to expand your vampirical dominance. While there are many types of weapons in V Rising, finding good ones that can help you win can still be arduous. 

In V Rising, each weapon performs differently than the other. While the sword excels at killing bosses and tanky enemies, the fast-hitting slashers are tailor-made for assassinations. Consequently, you can use the bow and arrow for ranged damage. 

Needless to say, we need to factor in the damage output as well in order to find out what really works and what doesn’t. While it might seem tough, there are some minuscule details that decide whether a weapon is good or not. 

In this tier list, we will be taking a look at the most useful weapon types present in V Rising. The world of Vardoran might be huge, but one good weapon is all you need to conquer it all!

Best Weapons In V Rising

V Rising: Best Weapon Types

While the weapons in V Rising don’t have any fancy names, they tend to complete their purpose rather well. From taking down bosses to man-fighting PvP noobs, a good weapon is extremely necessary. 

With that being said, here are the best weapons types in V Rising:

1.) Slashers

V Rising: Best Weapon Types

The Slashers are a type of weapon that takes their form like a praying mantis’s claws. The main idea is to backstab, assassinate and mutilate an opponent as soon as possible. The damage output from the slashers is rather lethal, thereby making it a popular choice in V Rising. 

However, equipping the Slashers also mean that you’re going to have to say goodbye to tankiness. This is because your main area of focus will be movement speed and damage instead. 

2.) Sword

V Rising: Best Weapon Types

The Sword is a weapon available in almost every ARPG. The weapon signifies slashing mechanics that can deal significant amounts of bleed damage to most opponents. Its high attack speed enables it to be used as a consistent DPS weapon. That being said, the sword combos are nothing to scoff at either. 

The sword playstyle generally works with dashes and since you will mostly be fighting in melee range, the minor AoE damage helps a lot against grouped opponents. Consequently, pairing damage with movement speed on the sword is an extremely synergetic combination in V Rising. 

3.) Spear

V Rising: Best Weapon Types

The Spear is a weapon that mainly benefits from its long size. While the spear works on stabs and slashes, its long size also allows you to play at a safer distance as compared to something like a sword. 

While the Spear isn’t as great when it comes to raw DPS, the thrust damage is enough to stagger most enemies into submission. Moreover, having a range advantage against melee enemies is always a plus. Plus, it can be used as a throwable with the harpoon skill. 

4.) Reaper

V Rising: Best Weapon Types

The Reaper is a weapon that deals high damage in short bursts. Since the weapon has a slow attack speed, it mainly relies on its exorbitant amount of base damage to take down enemies. You get to spam skills that deal physical damage in order to reap the souls of enemies. 

While the Reaper feels somewhat lacking when it comes to gap-closing, the Tendon Swing more than makes up for it due to its damage and snare duration. 

V Rising Best Weapons

These are the best weapon types in V Rising.

  • 1.) Slashers
  • 2.) Sword
  • 3.) Spear
  • 4.) Reaper


In essence, the weapon types in V Rising are all decent when it comes to combat. However, the slashers and swords manage to be a cut above the rest, with Reaper and Spear following suit. Despite the hierarchy, you will be mostly reliant on your skills for your in-game progression. 

Not played V Rising yet? It can be found on Steam for a pretty cheap price! Keep in mind that it’s still early access, so it’s not a fully complete game.

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