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Best Cheap CB FIFA 22 Centre Backs to Sign in Career Mode

Here is our best cheap CB FIFA 22 guide. Rating the top 10 best Centre Backs to sign in Career Mode while on a budget. Pick up some bargains!

Best Cheap CB FIFA 22

Having strong and reliable Centre Backs in your team provides very good energy in your defense, enabling you to defend yourself from high-caliber strikers.

However, sometimes the top-notch CBs you already signed can get hurt, and the position will stay empty. On top of that, you already wasted a huge amount of money on these stars, and you don’t have the financial funds to sign another proven star.

But there is one opportunity that could help you with this problem- sign cheap and affordable young players that are full of potential!

We’ve made a guide on the top 10 cheap CBs you can sign for a bargain deal, so here’s our list!

1.) Noah Mbamba (64 OVR / 88 POT)

Noah Mbamba
  • Team: Club Brugge
  • Age: 16
  • Wage: £500
  • Value: £450k
  • Biggest Strengths: 76 Sprint Speed, 76 Jumping, 74 Strength

Mbamba is a very talented, young lad who seeks a chance to prove himself. He has already shown immense progress in Club Brugge, but there’s only so much that this team can offer him. On the contrary, if he manages to sign for a big-market club, especially if he manages to receive some huge playing time, Mbamba will be a force to be reckoned with in the defense!

The OVR rating is low, which is normal for a 16-year-old kid, but that could change in a matter of days if he has several good games for a team that will truly value his potential! The deal that he has is very cheap and affordable, and we doubt that there is a manager that doesn’t possess the funds to sign him!

2.) Tanguy Kouassi (71 OVR / 85 POT)

  • Team: Bayern München
  • Age: 19
  • Wage: £15.500
  • Value: £3.8 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 77 Jumping, 73 Stand Tackle, 72 Heading Accuracy

Kouassi is already playing for a high-market club, as Bayern Munchen would love to continue utilizing this guy’s talents. He is only 19, and the maturity and progress he has already shown have made other teams interested in him. It isn’t likely that Bayern will ship him anywhere, as the decent OVR rating for such a young kid is promising to make him one of the best CBs in times to come! So, make no mistake that the bargain deal on his head should be used if there’s an opportunity from your side!

3.) Levi Colwill (69 OVR / 84 POT)

  • Team: Huddersfield Town
  • Age: 18
  • Wage: £1.300
  • Value: £2.7 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 76 Jumping, 78 Strength, 72 Stand Tackle

Huddersfield Town is currently knocking on the door of the Premier League, as they are one win away from entering the strongest competition in the world. And Colwill is surely one of the factors that the team has been able to come this far. Although not utilized very well due to his youth and inexperience, Colwill has shown flashes of a very strong defender, able to handle almost any situation thrown at him. He is still on a cheap deal, and he could be signed for a very small amount of money. So, you should have this gem on your list!

4.) Eric Martel (66 OVR / 84 POT)

  • Team: Austria Wien
  • Age: 19
  • Wage: £2.500
  • Value: £750k
  • Biggest Strengths: 74 Aggression, 73 Jumping, 73 Stamina

The Austrian league has produced some very good and very talented players, and it seems like Martel is one of them. The youngster has shown very good talent when it comes to defending his team, as his aggression, jumping, and stamina speak for the durability and tenacity this player brings with him in every game. Plus, he is a very cheap asset, so you could sign him and develop him into a very good player for your team!

5.) Leonidas Stergiou (67 OVR / 84 POT)

  • Team: FC St. Gallen
  • Age: 19
  • Wage: £1.800
  • Value: £875k
  • Biggest Strengths: 86 Jumping, 74 Strength, 71 Stamina

Stergiou’s jumping abilities have made him a very utilized asset for St. Gallen, as he has been able to win air duels on almost every occasion that he enters one. However, there is still very much that he could add to his resume, and adding him to your team will be a very good opportunity for him to develop as a more all-around CB. So, if you have a chance to sign him, do not miss it!

6.) Illia Zabarnyi (73 OVR / 83 POT)

  • Team: Dynamo Kyiv
  • Age: 18
  • Wage: £4.000
  • Value: £5.5 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 75 Marking, 75 Strength, 77 Jumping

Zabarnyi is already a decent player, and at age of 18, he has proven himself as a reliable and trustworthy defender. His skills are much higher compared to most of the players in his category at that age, and the potential is also here to back up his resume. The defensive presence of Illia can be felt on the field much more frequently, as he loves to communicate with his teammates and make excellent plays!

7.) Mario Vuskovic (72 OVR / 83 POT)

  • Team: Hamburger SV
  • Age: 19
  • Wage: £4.800
  • Value: £4.2 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 78 Aggression, 76 Interceptions, 77 Strength

Another young and strong player that showcases his abilities for a strong team, in a strong league. Vuskovic is only 19 years old, but the $4.2 million on his value are not sentimental, as the team is valuing his skills and the presence, he brings to the team for every game that he’s played so far. By acquiring him, you’ll receive a young, strong, and potent player that could be developed into a total beast if he’s given more playing time and “spotlight”.

8.) Marton Dardai (71 OVR / 83 POT)

  • Team: Herta BSC
  • Age: 19
  • Wage: £11.000
  • Value: £3.8 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 75 Interceptions, 74 Stand Tackle, 74 Strength

The German is playing in his Homeland, more specifically in the strongest German league, Bundesliga. Hertha is having some struggles recently, but Dardai has shown that the team can rely on him whether they have difficulties on the defensive end. Strong, potent, and reliable, Marton delivers when the team asks him to, as intercepting passes and tackling rivals are his biggest and most familiar strengths. Therefore, having a chance to sign him is a really good thing for you as a manager, as you shouldn’t pass on these kinds of talented players!

9.) Eduardo Quaresma (71 OVR / 83 POT)

  • Team: Tondela
  • Age: 19
  • Wage: £2.400
  • Value: £3.8 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 80 Jumping, 76 Composure, 75 Aggression

Quaresma is looking for a bigger team to prove his reliability, as he has already shown that there is a huge talent and work ethic behind his name in Tondela. However, it seems like the youngster has already “outgrown” this team, as there is a high chance that he could leave for a bigger market soon. With that being said, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to sign players like Quaresma, as he could bring a very strong presence on the defensive end, something that is proven by his OVR skills and potential.

10.) Andy Pelmard (71 OVR / 83 POT)

  • Team: FC Basel
  • Age: 21
  • Wage: £5.700
  • Value: £3.9 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 84 Acceleration, 82 Sprint Speed, 73 Agility

We already said that Austria produces good and valuable talents, and Pelmard is only adding to this narrative. This youngster is very fast, and agile, his jumping abilities are also decent for him. The defensive end is a very known position for him, as he always gives 100% of himself to stop his rivals from crossing the last line before scoring a goal. The work ethic is present, the potential is here, and there is nothing stopping you to sign this very valuable, but very cheap CB for your team!


We hope that this guide has helped you in choosing the best and cheapest CB for your position. Sometimes you’ll be caught up in a situation in which your best players will be injured, and the substitutes are supposed to cover up.

But it’s much better to sign young and potent players who are looking for a chance to prove themselves for a substitute, as one day they might be in the starting lineup for your team as your first choice! 

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