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Best Minecraft XP Farm

Here’s our guide to the best Minecraft XP farm. XP farms are easy to build and an excellent way to gather XP and rare items.

Best Minecraft XP Farm

If there were ever a Video game award for giving complete freedom to its players, Minecraft would win that award ten times out of 10. Once you have entered a world in Minecraft, you are the King and the enslaved person. You can build, craft, and destroy your world to the best of your abilities.

 Through all this, XP (Experience) will be your best friend. Experience allows you to upgrade your weapons, ultimately making it easier for you to fight bigger and stronger enemies. Gaining XP organically might be pretty slow, and that’s where the XP farm in Minecraft makes a difference.

If you are a player who likes to grind for experience points, gaining experience organically might be okay. But if you are looking to get experience points much faster, XP farms are your best bet. Each XP farm is different in terms of how it is built and works. Here are 8 of the best XP farms that will make your life in Minecraft much easier.

Best Minecraft XP Farm

There are several different XP farms in Minecraft. Each has its way of rewarding you, and every player might have another choice about the best XP farm. Any of these eight picks will give you enough XP to craft all the weapon upgrades you need.

1. Mob Spawner XP Farm

A tutorial by Kmond

Best Minecraft XP Farm

The general rule of thumb while playing video games is that killing enemies gets you experience points. For all its differences, Minecraft has this mechanic in its DNA. Mobs are NPCs that can be found in Minecraft. Some of them are hostile, and some of them are not. Zombies, Skeletons, and Spiders are some examples of Hostile Mobs.

You can find these hostile mobs in dungeons, where you can also build your XP farm. You have to give the mob space to spawn and then draw them into a trap. Once trapped, you’ll be able to quickly kill them and gather all the XP and items that they might drop.

You can set up any Mob Spawner Farm, depending on the loot you want. For example, if you want bones and arrows, you can choose a Skeleton farm, and if you are looking for some Rotten Flesh, zombies will do the trick.

2. Cactus and Bamboo XP Farm

Best Minecraft XP Farm

A tutorial by Avomance

This is the farm you should be building for all the players that need maximum reward through minimum effort. Not only is the Cactus and Bamboo farm exceptionally easy to make, but it also doesn’t require many materials. That’s not the only reason this farm is on the list, and it’s here because it’s completely autonomous. This means that once you have built the farm, you can leave it on its own and return to a plethora of XP and items. 

Cactus and Bamboo farm offers you infinite XP without slight to no effort and resources. There are no mobs involved, so there’s no danger of getting attacked. Just a word of caution, though, these farms can get very loud, so try building them at a safe location.

3. Blaze XP Farm

Best Minecraft XP Farm

A tutorial by Pillager

Blaze XP farms are easily one of the most dangerous farms to build in Minecraft. But with danger comes a lot of experience and valuable items, especially if you are in the end game. 

Blaze are one of the more ruthless mobs in Minecraft, and they can be found in Nether fortresses. The thought process is the same as building any Mob spawner farm, but you can get a hefty supply of blaze rods from the farm, which is necessary for the endgame. 

Not only is building this farm an easy way to get XP, but it’s also an opportunity to try your hand at brewing, for which blaze rods are necessary.

4. Kelp XP Farm

Best Minecraft XP Farm

A tutorial from JC Plays

Kelp can be found in Water, and it can be used for food, or it can be turned into dried Kelp. Players get XP every time they make dried Kelp. This dried Kelp can then be used to dry your next batch of Kelp. This process means you will continue getting XP as the cycle continues.

Kelp farms are also very easy to build as they only need a handful of materials. The Kelp is smelted and turned into dried Kelp after putting into the furnace, and this dried Kelp is used as fuel to continue the process.

It’s the perfect farm for beginners and old players to gather XP as it takes no time to build without burning out your material inventory. 

5. Mob Grinder Farm

Best Minecraft XP Farm

A Tutorial from Kmond

The classic Mob XP farm is an excellent way to get endless XP. This is a pretty simple farm, but it will cost you a good amount of stone, and it is required to be built in the air, surrounded by Water.

The Water will push the mobs into a trap where you can dispose of them pretty quickly. Wherever there will be the talk of XP farms in Minecraft, the classic Mob grinder will always be a part of that conversation.

This farm is also probably the least dangerous of all the Mob farms we have discussed up till now. But, it gives you the same amount of XP or more for your efforts. 

6. Stone XP Farm

Best Minecraft XP Farm

A tutorial from WaffleNite

Resources are invaluable in Minecraft, and not having enough of them is a problem. However, building an excellent XP farm is easy, even when you are short on resources. A stone XP farm requires simple resources like cobblestone and items like furnaces. 

It gives you a generous amount of XP and stone blocks you can use in your next building project. If you don’t want to use these blocks, you can just smelt them again for a continuous supply of XP. Just like the Kelp XP farm we talked about earlier.

7. Gold XP Farm

Best Minecraft XP Farm

A tutorial from EasyGoingMC

Gold is easily one of the most valuable resources in Minecraft, and farming it will get you a tremendous amount of XP. Building a gold farm is a very costly expedition, but the rewards outweigh the costs, and that’s why the Gold XP farm is one of our favorite XP farms in Minecraft.

It’s another farm that needs to be built in the Nether, which means you will be trapping another mob of enemies. Building a good gold farm can take a little time, but the amounts of Gold and XP you will be getting are insane, making everything worth it. 


XP farms are a huge part of the Minecraft grind. There isn’t a resource in the game that you cannot farm and collect when you need it. Most of the time, you will also get a very generous amount of XP to go with your resources. Most of the farms we have discussed in this article are easy to build and offer you loads of XP while also not spending a lot of time and resources to build. 

Also, just a disclaimer, the choice of farms is our own, and that doesn’t mean there aren’t better farms in the game. The preference of farms can vary from player to player and how they choose to play the game. Now let’s get to some farming, shall we?

Didn’t find your favorite farm in the game? Let us know what it is in the comments below.

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