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Elden Ring: Pearl Drake Talisman +2 Location Guide

Follow our Elden Ring: Pearl Drake Talisman +2 location guide to locate this talisman that reduces the damage taken from Elemental Attacks.

Elden Ring: Pearl Drake Talisman +2 Location Guide

FromSoftware games are known for their amazing worlds, environmental storytelling, and brutal difficulties, and Elden Ring is no different. One of the key items that you will get your hands on in your journey to become Elden Lord is called Talisman. Elden Ring replaces “Rings” from previous games with Talismans.

Talisman boosts your characters’ defensive and offensive stats. Some Talismans also increased the number of certain spells or items your character can carry. You can obtain Talismans by defeating bosses, finding them in chests or hidden areas, and some vendors also carry Talismans.

Drake Pearl Talisman +2 is a defensive Talisman, it boosts your damage negation by 9% against all Elemental Attacks in PvE and 4% in PvP. Drake Pearl Talisman +2 is located at Miquella’s Haligtree, a very well-hidden location. Here’s how you can reach this location as soon as possible.

  1. Travel To Consecrated Snowfield
  2. Solve The Puzzle at Travel Ordina, Lithurgical Town
  3. Pearl Drake +2 Talisman Location

Why Do You Need To Get Pearl Drake Talisman?

Pearl Drake Talisman is one of the few Talismans in Elden Ring that can boost your defensive stats. It can be very useful if you are stuck on a boss that does Elemental Damage. It is also very handy in PvP, as spells deal a lot of damage, and this Talisman is a great counter for them.

Elden Ring: Pearl Drake Talisman +2 Location Guide

This Talisman is located at a hidden location in the game, you will have to get a medallion and solve a puzzle to reach this location.

Step 1: Travel To Consecrated Snowfield

To reach Miquella’s Haligtree, you will have to travel to Consecrated Snowfield, which can only be accessed by Grand Lift of Rold with the help of Haligtree Secret Medallion. 

Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right) is obtained from Albus, an NPC in the Village of Albinaurics. He will be disguised as a pot. Speak with him, and he will give you the right half of the medallion. Village of Albinurics is in the Liurnia of Lakes region.

To obtain the Haligtree Secret Medallion (left), you will have to defeat Commander Niall at Castle Sol. The medallion is in a chest behind the boss which you can access after killing him. Castle Sol is in the Mountain of Giants region. It is a tough fight as Commander Niall can summon spirits to help him, so come prepared.

Elden Ring: Pearl Drake Talisman +2 Location Guide

After obtaining both parts of the medallion, follow the path to get to the lift. After reaching the Grand Lift of Rold, you see a prompt to hold the medallion. Press the button to operate the lift and you will reach Concentrated Snowfield.

Step 2: Solve The Puzzle at Travel Ordina, Lithurgical Town

Elden Ring: Pearl Drake Talisman +2 Location Guide

After reaching the Consecrated Snowfield make your way to Ordina, Lithurgical Town. You can easily reach this location by riding north past the frozen ravine. 

Elden Ring: Pearl Drake Talisman +2 Location Guide

You will see an Imp statue and evergoal portal. Enter the evergoal, you will have to light 4 candles to open the gate to Haligtree. Once in the evergoal be very careful as it is full of archers and invisible assassins.

The first candle is in the middle of the town’s central square, each candle will be held by a big lady statue. Second candle is located on the far west edge of the town. To access it, you will have to climb a ladder. Third candle is next to the evergoal as you enter but you will have to climb a ladder to access it.

Elden Ring: Pearl Drake Talisman +2 Location Guide

The last candle is located where you will find an archer. Keep your distance and kill the archer from the third candle. Make your way to the fourth candle from the third candle’s ladder. After lighting all the candles, the seal at the end of the town will be broken and you will be able to teleport to Haligtree.

Step 3: Pearl Drake Talisman +2 Location

Elden Ring: Pearl Drake Talisman +2 Location Guide

After you have successfully reached the Miquell’s Haligtree, you’ll find yourself on the canopy of a great branching tree, fighting against deadly foes. You will have to make your way down the tree to Haligtree Town Site of Grace.

Elden Ring: Pearl Drake Talisman +2 Location Guide

From the Site of Grace exit the room from the northwestern entrance and head towards the ladder. Climb up the ladder and kill all the enemies in the area. Look to the side where you climbed up, and you will see a Misbegotten and Maiden Statue. Jump across, kill the Misbegotten and pick up the Pearl Drake Talisman +2.

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