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How To Make A Lead In Minecraft

Wondering how to make a Lead in Minecraft? Let’s find out!

It is not entirely uncommon for you to have gone exploring in your Minecraft world, and have found an animal that you just need to take back home. And while you could definitely lead it back home using its particular food, what if you don’t have it.

How To Make A Lead In Minecraft

This is exactly where leads in Minecraft come in handy. Leads can be used to lead (pun intended) whatever mob you want, to wherever you want. They can even be used to lead certain mobs over water or through the ocean. 

And while they can certainly be found in the wild, leads can also be crafted pretty easily, so read on to find out just how to do that.

Where Can You Find Leads?

Leads are one of the rarest items to find naturally in the world, and this isn’t even accounting for how rare it is for them to drop from killing a mob. 

Despite this, it’s more likely that new players will find leads in loot instead of crafting them =, given that most don’t even know they exist in the game. 

Leads are most commonly found in two ways:

  1. They can be found in chests inside structures including mob spawner rooms, Ancient Cities, Buried Treasures, and inside Woodland Mansion chests. 
How To Make A Lead In Minecraft
  1. Alternatively, leads can also be obtained by killing the Wandering Trader (with his annoyingly bad trades). The trader can drop anywhere between 0-2 leads depending on your luck and the number of llamas he is leading behind him.

How To Make A Lead In Minecraft?

Leads, despite a common misconception and the fact that they are confused with name tags, can also be crafted in all versions of Minecraft. 

The recipe in itself is quite simple, with the only problem being obtaining the ingredients needed to craft it. Players will need a total of one slime ball – which can be obtained by killing slimes – and four pieces of string, that can be obtained by killing spiders. 

These are placed in a manner such that the slime ball is in the center of the crafting table, with the top, top left, left, and bottom right slots being filled with string. 

How To Make A Lead In Minecraft

In return, this will give the player two leads for every iteration of this recipe.

What Can You Do With A Lead In Minecraft?

A lead is used mainly for leashing animals and keeping them in place. This applies to any and all animals, including certain aquatic creatures such as Axolotls and Dolphins. 

How To Make A Lead In Minecraft

Once an animal has been leashed, the lead can be used to take it wherever the player wants. Leads are also prone to breaking, and can only be stretched a maximum of 10 blocks before they snap and drop. The player then has to go back to the animal and leash it again.

Leads can also be used to tie an animal in place after leashing it. This is done by right-clicking with the lead on a fence. The animal will then be tied to the post and cannot wander more than 5 blocks in any direction.


Leads are definitely one of the more useful additions to Minecraft, given how they almost entirely replace the need to carry specific foods to lead mobs back with you. And now that you know how to craft them, you can just make one and head on out to your next adventure.

What mob did you find most annoying to bring back home? Did you end up using a lead on it? Let us know!

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