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How To Scrap Junk In Fallout 4?

Junk items are scattered all over the Commonwealth. It can be scrapped to get precious items. Follow this guide on how to scrap junk in Fallout 4.

Junk items can be found everywhere in the Commonwealth. You will most likely find random pre-war items that can be used for something new. Fallout 4 is a post-apocalyptic game the items that were once considered useful are now considered junk, but they are an essential part of the crafting and settlement-building system in Fallout 4.

Junk items consist of various components, and when you scrap the junk, you will see the individual components those items are composed of.  There are 31 base items from acid, adhesive to steel, and wood that you will get by scrapping junk.

Why Do You Want To Scrap Junk In Fallout 4?

Junk is very useful for settlement building, and there is a limited amount of junk that you can carry. You can pick as much junk as you want, but you will become over-encumbered and unable to move. It is better to scrap the junk that you already have than go out to look for other junk items you need.

How To Scrap Junk In Fallout 4?

Junk is an essential component of crafting and settlement-building mechanics in Fallout 4; here is how you can scrap your junk.

To scrap junk items, head over to your nearest settlement and interact with the workbench. You will now see an option to store all of the junk items you are carrying into the workshop inventory. Select that option, and you have successfully scrapped all the junk and stored it in your workshop.

  1. Scrapping Settlement Junk
  2. Scrapping Weapons and Armors
  3. Scrapping Junk Items

Scrapping Settlement Junk

Concrete, steel, and wood components are the three base building components for all the major craftable structures in the settlement. You can get these items by scrapping your junk that you have found in the wasteland. You can also purchase these items from the vendors, but they are in limited quantities.

You can also obtain the base building components by scrapping large pieces of junk found all over your settlements, which in turn also makes it cleaner. You can interact with the workshop bench to open the building mode, then select the junk you want to scrap, and scrapped items will be stored in your workshop inventory.

Scrapping Weapons and Armors

Just like the junk items, you will also come across a lot of weapons and armor from looting enemies. Sometimes you will also find mods attached with weapons and armor. To get these mods, you will have to scrap the item that it is attached to. You can also scrap weapons and armor that you cannot or do want to use.

To scrap weapons and armors, you will have to go to the weapons and armor workbench and select the items you want to scrap. You also see the components that you will get after scraping the weapon or armor.

Scrapping Junk Items

All the useless items are stored in the Junk tab in your Pip-Boy. These items have no other cases except if you want to decorate your inventory with some of the items like fans, toys, and some other stuff.

You can scrap these junk items by going to one of many settlements and interacting with the workbench. All the scrapped items are automatically stored and subsequently used when building in settlement of a settlement connected via supply lines.

How Can You Get More Items From Scrapping Junk?

When scrapping junk, you want to get as many items as possible. You can increase the number of items you will get with the help of “Scrapper” perk. The first rank allows for uncommon materials (like screws, aluminum, and copper) to be retained when scrapping weapons and armor; the second rank allows for rare materials like circuitry, nuclear material, and fiber optics to be retained as well. (Courtesy:fallout-archive.fandom)

With the addition of Far Harbor, one more rank was added to scrapper perk. It will give the player more items when scrapping junk items.

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