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How To Swim In Minecraft?

Swimming in Minecraft can help you discover underwater treasure and wreckages. This guide teaches you how to swim in Minecraft. We cover everything you need to know to swim efficiently on PC, Playstation, and Xbox. 

How To Swim In Minecraft?

Minecraft’s world is made up of several biomes. From mountain peaks to dark dungeons, there is always a new place to explore, mine, and craft in Minecraft. It’s the perfect game for people that like to explore new areas every day, and with Minecraft, you can get precisely that. 

Ocean biomes are a common commodity in Minecraft. There are a lot of treasures to be found and new places to be discovered underwater. But, for you to explore this biome, you need to know how to swim in Minecraft. It’s a pretty basic thing to do, and if you need to know how, read on. 

You can swim in Minecraft by pushing the forward key underwater. You can also sprint underwater, which can help you escape any underwater mobs that you might encounter.

How To Swim In Minecraft?

How To Swim In Minecraft?

Swimming is a vital movement mechanic in Minecraft, and it can guide you to new underwater treasures and locations. Let us give a breakdown of how you can swim in Minecraft on every platform. 

How To Swim In Minecraft on PC?

PC is the most common platform for Minecraft players since it allows you to use mods in-game. But you don’t need any mods to swim in Minecraft. To Swim, you need to be underwater first of all. Once you are underwater, just press the forward button, and your character will start swimming. The on button will be “W” by default on the PC. 

To activate sprint swim in Minecraft, you just have to double tap “W,” and your character will start swimming much quicker. 

How To Swim In Minecraft On PlayStation?

How To Swim In Minecraft?

Playing on Playstation consoles and swimming doesn’t require doing anything different when it comes to controlling. Again, you have to be in some kind of a water body. I mean, how would you swim outside of Water? Right? Just push the left analog stick forward, and your character will start moving in Water. 

To allow your character to move more swiftly underwater, you can activate the sprint swim. You can do that by pushing the analog stick forward twice in quick succession. 

How To Swim In Minecraft on Xbox?

Now then, we have to mention the controls for the other big gaming console. Fortunately, there is not much of a difference in controls when you talk about swimming in Minecraft while playing on an Xbox. Just move to an ocean biome or another water body and start pushing your analog stick forward to make your character swim. 

Sprint swimming is also not significantly different. You can do that by pushing the analog stick forward twice, and you have to do it quickly. Doing this will activate sprint swim for your character.

Swimming in Lava in Minecraft

How To Swim In Minecraft?

Lava in Minecraft is mostly found underground and also in the Nether Biome. Swimming in the lava is hazardous, but if you are adventurous, you can go for a swim in Lava.

You might be looking for some essential resources underground when encountering Lava. It might be necessary to swim through that to get your much-needed resource. The caveat is that swimming in lava will slow you down, and it will continue to deal damage to your character while you are in it. 

How to Swim Faster In Minecraft?

How To Swim In Minecraft?

If sprint swimming doesn’t do it for you, you can look for a dolphin’s help to swim even faster. All you have to do is find a dolphin mob and swim closer to them. They will give you a little boost, making you swim faster than a Minecraft boat. Although the boost lasts only about 5 seconds, it still helps you move more quickly underwater. 

Moving into the realms of Water in Minecraft can be very rewarding. You can find old wreckages and hidden treasures under Water, which can help you build up your inventory. 

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