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Minecraft Blaze Rods

Guide Contents

Dec value: 369
Hex value: 171
Burning time: 120 seconds
Maximum stack 64

Blaze rods are dropped by blazes, found only in Nether fortresses. They’re used to craft brewing stands and blaze powder. Blaze powder is used in brewing, as well as a component of eyes of ender, magma cream, and fire charges. They can be used as a reasonably efficient fuel in furnaces. They last 120 seconds, though compared to coal, which lasts 80 seconds, are a little less efficient, as coal is generally more widely available and easier to get.


Farming Blazes for their blaze rods is quite easy. Blazes can spawn from blaze spawners found in the Nether fortresses, which makes it easy to build a safe room around the spawner to make killing them that much easier.