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V Rising: All Boss Locations 2022 (October)

Here’s our V Rising: all boss locations guide. Learn the locations of all 37 bosses in the game.

ARPGs have no shortage of epic battles when it comes to defeating monsters and taking down difficult bosses. While the trend continues in V Rising, it seems to go a little overboard. With so many bosses to fight, finding all of them can feel troublesome. 

There are a total of 37 bosses with each having its own specific set of abilities and difficulty levels. Since their spreading on the map is relatively even, you won’t have to go out of your way in order to find most of them. 

Needless to say, having a roadmap of what’s to come is always beneficial. This is because it allows you to prepare for everything in advance, so you can be your best against the boss. 

In this guide, we will be taking a look at all the bosses along with their locations on the map of Vardoran. While the journey is tough, the reward’s always worthwhile – so let’s get started!

V Rising: All Boss Locations

As mentioned, the bosses total 37 in number and are spread out according to their levels on the map. Therefore we’re going to classify these locations according to the specific area. 

With that being said, here are all the boss locations in V Rising:

Farbane Woods

V Rising: All Boss Locations

Here are all the bosses present in Farbane Woods:

Boss NameLevel & Location
Alpha Wolf Level 16 – Wolf Den above the Infested Graveyard
Keely The Frost Archer Level 20 – Bandit Trapper Camp in northeast Farbane Woods
Rufus The Foreman Level 20 – Bandit Logging Camp above Alpha Wolf Den
Errol The Stonebreaker Level 20 – Bandit Copper Mine in centre of Farbane Woods
Lidia The Chaos Archer Level 26 – Roams the roads of east Farbane Woods
Grayson The Armorer Level 27 – Bandit Armory northwest of Bandit Copper Mine
Goreswine The Ravager Level 27 – Roams around the Infested Graveyard
Putrid Rat Level 30 – Summoned by player using Vermin Nest
Clive The Firestarter Level 30 – Bandit Sulphur Quarry in far west of Farbane Woods
Polora The Feywalker Level 34 – Gleaming Meadows below Silverlight Hills
Ferocious Bear Level 36 – Bear Cave in far east of Farbane Woods
Nicholaus The Fallen Level 37 – Forgotten Cemetary in centre of Farbane Woods
Quincey The Bandit King Level 37 – Bandit Stronghold north of Forgotten Cemetary
Tristan The Vampire Hunter Level 46 – Roams roads of central Farbane Woods
The Winged Horror Level 78 – Dreaded Peak above Ferocious Bear Cave

Dunley Farmlands

V Rising: All Boss Locations

Here are all the bosses present in Dunley Farmlands:

Boss NameLevel & Location
Beatrice The Tailor Level 38 – Dawnbreak Village in East Dunley Farmlands
Vincent The Frostbringer Level 40 – Roams roads of central Dunley Farmlands
Christina The Sun Priestess Level 44 – Roams around Dawnbreak Village
Leandra The Shadow Priestess Level 46 – Church Of The Damned in northeast Dunley Farmlands
Terah The Geomancer Level 48 – Bedrock Pass in northwest Dunley Farmlands
Meredith The Bright Archer Level 52 – Haunted Iron Mine in south of Dunley Farmlands
Octavian The Militia Captain Level 58 – Bastion Of Dunley
Raziel The Shepherd Level 60 – Dunley Monastery
Jade The Vampire Hunter Level 62 – Roams roads of central Dunley Farmlands
Willfred The Werewolf Chief Level 64 – Gloomgrave Village south of Cursed Forest

Cursed Forest

V Rising: All Boss Locations

Here are all the bosses present in Cursed Forest:

Boss NameLocation
Ungora The Spider Queen Level 60 – Spider Cave in northeast 
The Duke Of Balaton Level 62 – Swamp Of Greed in northwest 
Foulrot The Soultaker Level 62 – Ancient Village in far east 
Matka The Curse Weaver Level 72 – Nest Of The Curse Weaver in northwest
Nightmarshal Styx The Sunderer Level 76 – Roams roads 
Gorecrusher The Behemoth Level 78 – Lair Of The Behemoth south of Spider Cave

Silverlight Hills

V Rising: All Boss Locations

Here are all the bosses present in Silverlight Hills:

Boss NameLocation
Mairwyn The Elementalist Level 64 – Emberleaf Grove in southeast 
Morian The Stormwing Matriarch Level 68 – Harpy Nest in south 
Azariel The Sunbringer Level 68 – Brighthaven Cathedral in far west 
Solarus The Immaculate Level 80 – Fortress Of Light in east 

Hallowed Mountains

V Rising: All Boss Locations

Here are all the bosses present in Hallowed Mountains:

Boss NameLocation
Frostmaw The Mountain Terror Level 56 – Roams roads
Terrorclaw The Ogre Level 68 – Frozen Cave in south


And that’s all we’ve got for our V Rising: all boss locations guide for now. We’ll be updating this page once they add more bosses, so stay stuned!

Not played V Rising yet? It can be found on Steam for a pretty cheap price! Keep in mind that it’s still early access, so it’s not a fully complete game.

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