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V Rising: Spectral Dust Guide 2024 (June)

This is our complete V Rising: spectral dust guide. Spectral Dust is a rare crafting material in the game. Learn how to farm and craft it!

You can’t get far into V Rising without delving into its crafting system. Amongst the various ores and materials, there is also various dust to collect. These dust are used to craft powerful items in the game. Therefore, this guide will discuss Spectral Dust in V Rising in great detail.

How to Get Spectral Dust in V Rising

If you’re entering the endgame or are trying to craft valuable equipment like the Phantom Veil (one of the strongest cloaks in the game), then you will need Spectral Dust. Additionally, Spectral Dust can be used to craft the Eye of Twilight. This is an item used to locate Soul Shards. But the question lies, how can one get their hands on the dust? 

There are multiple ways of getting Spectral Dust; you can either farm it or craft it yourself once you have the recipe.

How to Craft Spectral Dust in V Rising

V Rising: Spectral Dust Guide

Usually, whenever you’re trying to craft any item in V Rising, whether it be glass or ghost yarn, you need to have its recipe and an adequate workstation. That’s no different for Spectral Dust. 

To get the crafting recipe for Spectral Dust, you will need to take down a level 62 boss, Foulrot the Soultaker. It is a horse head-wearing boss that wields two large blades. Furthermore, it is a V Blood carrier, granting you a singular power and three recipes.

You can find Foulrot southeast of the Cursed Forest in the Ancient Village. 

Due to its high level, we recommend you have at least level 60 gear before taking on the fight. And if you bring your clan members alongside, the fight can be an absolute breeze. 

When fighting Foulrot, it will continue to summon Banshees to assist itself during the battle. Although these enemies are weak, they can start coming down on you aggressively as their numbers increase or if you get stuck somewhere in the arena. 

There are two tactics for dealing with the Banshees. Either you can strike them down as soon as they spawn, or you can dodge around them and keep your attention on Foulrot. The first method is safer but will take much longer to complete the fight. Whereas the second method requires quite the skill but is doable if you get the Banshees stuck in trees or around corners. 

As for Foulrot, most of its attacks are through his blades. However, he has some AoE attacks that rain from the sky, which can be avoided by looking out for the circles on the ground. Additionally, look out for his invisible attack, which can be hard to avoid if you’re not careful. 

Once you defeat the boss, you will be granted the recipe for Spectral Dust. It requires the following items:

  • Ghost Crystal – 30
  • Gem Dust – 3

When you have the necessary crafting materials, you can take them to a Grinder, and you’ll be able to craft the Spectral Dust.

How to Farm Spectral Dust in V Rising

V Rising: Spectral Dust Guide

If you are trying to farm Spectral Dust instead and saving your precious crafting materials, then that’s no issue at all. You can easily get Spectral Dust by killing Banshees that can be found in the wild. 

You can find Banshees roaming in the Cursed Forest’s Ancient Villages. The village that is directly northwest of the region’s Waygate tends to have the most Banshees, so we’d recommend you start there. 

You can find anywhere from 4-5 Banshees roaming around, with each one guaranteed to drop one Spectral Dust. But be careful as Banshees on their own are level 62 enemies, and other mobs also roam the area. 

Furthermore, you can find 2 Witches roaming in the same area due to a Witch Hut located east of the location. If you take them down, you will have a chance of getting Spectra Dust or Scourgestone from them.

Additionally, you can spawn Banshees in your castle if you’ve already taken down Foulrot the Soultaker. 

You can summon the Banshees using the Tomb structure in your castle, 8 Gem Dust, and 12 Highland Lotus. Once you do so, you can continue to kill them to farm as much as you’d like, granted you have the resources.


With that, you know everything about Spectral Dust in V Rising. It is a useful crafting material with various methods of acquiring it! 

Not played V Rising yet? It can be found on Steam for a pretty cheap price! Keep in mind that it’s still early access, so it’s not a fully complete game.

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