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V Rising: Pristine Leather and Hide Guide 2023 (December)

Here’s our complete V Rising: pristine leather and hide guide. Pristine Hide is used to craft Pristine Leather and that’s then used to craft endgame gear.

If you’ve played V Rising for long enough, you must’ve come to the realization that you cannot get far in the game without crafting. But what’s more important is having the right materials when trying to craft various weapons or armor. Therefore, this guide will have a look at Pristine Hide and Leather and how you can acquire these precious crafting materials. 

What is Pristine Hide and Leather used for in V Rising?

Before we get to the various methods of getting these crafting materials, it’s useful to know what exactly we can use them for. Pristine Hide is a rare material in V Rising and is primarily used to craft Pristine Leather. Whereas Pristine Leather is a late-game material used for various gear such as the Sanguine Weapons (sword, ax, spear) and the Dawnthorn Armor set. 

Therefore, if you’re working with one material, you’ll indirectly have access to the other as well. That is why we’ll discuss methods of getting Pristine Leather and Hide.

How to get Pristine Leather in V Rising

V Rising: Pristine Leather and Hide Guide

Previously, to create Pristine Leather, you needed Leather, Fish Oil, and Pristine Hide. However, due to popular demand, the crafting recipe was reduced to just Pristine Hide and Fish Oil. 

Additionally, you will need the Tannery Workstation so that you can actually craft Pristine Leather once you have adequate resources. You can get the Tannery by defeating a level 20 boss, Keely the Frost Archer.

Once you have that, you will need the following for one Pristine Leather:

  • Fish Oil – 4 
  • Pristine Hide – 20

How to get Pristine Hide in V Rising

V Rising: Pristine Leather and Hide Guide

Moving on to one of the key components of Pristine Leather, Pristine Hide. If you want to get Pristine Hide, you’ll have to go on quite the hunt. You can farm it by taking down Werewolves. 

The best place to find Werewolves is in Dunley Farmlands. More specifically, the Gloomgrave Village, a small hamlet in the north-eastern corner of Dunley Farmlands. 

The Village gets plagued with Werewolves at night, and these enemies are level 60+, so you should try to be well-equipped before taking them on. Ideally, you want to maintain a fair distance as you attack them using ranged abilities such as Chaos Volley. 

V Rising: Pristine Leather and Hide Guide

An effective technique would be to stand at the corner of the village entrance. Using the volley, attack one of the Werewolves to lure all of them towards you. If you take a step back into the nearby woods, you’ll have an easier time taking them out as they approach you one by one. This way, you won’t have any surprise attacks or get surrounded by every Werewolf in the area. 

You can also try hunting for them in the south-eastern areas of the Dunley Farmlands in case you run out of werewolves in the Village. They don’t have any specific spawn point, so you’ll have to roam around when hunting for them. Moreover, you can find them in Vardoran and Abandoned Farm north of Dawnbreak Village. But you’ll have a higher chance of finding them in the Gloomgrave Village.

Regardless of where you find them, you can expect to get 100 Pristine Hide dropped per kill.

How to get Fish Oil in V Rising

Fish oil is the second component of getting Pristine Leather, and it’s relatively easier to get your hands on. You can find Fish Oil throughout Gloomgrave Village or can salvage the fish you catch through fishing to get Fish Oil.

But if you’re still looking for an alternate method for getting Fish Oil, you can consider paying Mosswick Village a visit. It is well guarded, but you can get past them with ease using your Human Form. Once inside, go for the villagers or break wooden boxes to find Fish Oil inside.


With that, you know everything about Pristine Leather and Pristine Hide. To sum it all up, you’ll need Pristine Hide and Fish Oil to create Pristine Leather, an essential material for creating powerful gear in the late game. 

Not played V Rising yet? It can be found on Steam for a pretty cheap price! Keep in mind that it’s still early access, so it’s not a fully complete game.

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