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Best Cheap Strikers FIFA 22 (ST & CF) to Sign in Career Mode

Here is our best cheap Strikers FIFA 22 (ST & CF) guide. Rating the top 10 best Strikers and Centre Forwards to sign in Career Mode while on a budget. Pick up some bargains!

For a team to have a successful season, it needs high-profile strikers that could score goals from almost any position given to them. Some of them are able to create their own chance, as they are more independent from the wings or the midfield to create a scoring opportunity.

However, if you possess some of these strikers in your rotation, you have probably faced an issue with injuries. It sucks, we know, but there is a very good and cheap solution for this problem- sign young and potent players for a small amount of money.

That way, you’ll be able to develop them into future stars and your team would be blessed with the fresh energy the young gems will bring onto the pitch!

Here are the best 10 players you could sign for a small amount of money!

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Liam Delap (64 OVR / 84 POT)

Best Cheap Strikers FIFA 22
  • Team: Manchester City
  • Age: 18
  • Wage: £8.100
  • Value: £1.5 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 78 Sprint Speed, 74 Acceleration, 73 Strength

Delap is the last guy in our category, but that doesn’t mean that he is the least worthy of them all! Still very young, he has had the opportunity to train with athletes in Manchester City, so the experience may be lacking, but the knowledge is surely there. With proper training, Delap could become a true force in the offense! And he is very cheap to sign, so no need to think more when it comes to this player!


Andreas Schjelderup (66 OVR / 84 POT)

Best Cheap Strikers FIFA 22
  • Team: FC Nordsjaelland
  • Age: 17
  • Wage: £500
  • Value: £775k
  • Biggest Strengths: 79 Acceleration, 82 Agility, 87 Balance

One could think that the deal that Andreas has is a joke and is probably a glitch in the matrix. However, the deal is legit, and for that amount of money, you could receive a fast, agile, and prolific striker in your team. Yes, the player is still very young and hasn’t had a chance to prove himself in the big spotlight teams, but we believe that shouldn’t be a problem for Andreas. He has shown great signs of becoming a striker like Harry Kane, and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to sign him if there is a spot available!  


Rabbi Matondo (71 OVR / 84 POT)

Best Cheap Strikers FIFA 22
  • Team: Cercle Brugge
  • Age: 20
  • Wage: £5.600
  • Value: £4.1 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 94 Acceleration, 90 Sprint Speed, 87 Agility

This striker is very fast, and agile and is very good at handling the ball. Apart from that, he creates his own opportunities, as Cercle Brugge could be a small market for him to showcase all of that. However, the OVR skills revolving around his speed and dribbling abilities are the brightest points in his resume, so you shouldn’t think twice if you could sign Matondo to your team. He could be developed further into a


Joe Gelhardt (69 OVR / 84 POT)

Best Cheap Strikers FIFA 22
  • Team: Leeds United
  • Age: 19
  • Wage: £18.000
  • Value: £3 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 75 Ball Control, 73 Balance, 74 Acceleration

Another young gem that has had high playing experience in the Premier League can be found in Joe Gelhardt. The team was very satisfied with his performance, and the deal that they have on him shouldn’t be a problem for your financial funds. He can provide you with very well offense, striking and dribbling abilities, something that is very well utilized by the right manager.


João Pedro (71 OVR / 84 POT)

Best Cheap Strikers FIFA 22
  • Team: Watford
  • Age: 19
  • Wage: £18.000
  • Value: £4 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 79 Acceleration, 80 Agility, 76 Sprint Speed

Pedro is a very valuable asset to Watford, and he has surely been one of the brightest stars for Watford, despite the relegation that this team has suffered this year. This may be one good reason that Pedro could be on the move soon rather than later, which would provide him with more playing time and more chance for him to improve his OVR rating. So, Pedro could only grow from here, as he already has a decent experience in the Premier League on his resume!


Abdallah Sima (72 OVR / 84 POT)

Best Cheap Strikers FIFA 22
  • Team: Stoke City
  • Age: 20
  • Wage: £13.500
  • Value: £5 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 89 Sprint Speed, 86 Acceleration, 81 Stamina

This striker possesses high sprint speed, acceleration, stamina, and jumping abilities, and you would surely love to have such a versatile player in your position. He is also a player that has a decent height, so scoring from corner strikes would be an ease for this guy. Sima is currently playing for Stoke, and the $5 million that the team is looking for him is not “unrealistic” or “fantastic”, as this striker has shown that he


Sebastiano Esposito (68 OVR / 85 POT)

Best Cheap Strikers FIFA 22
  • Team: FC Basel
  • Age: 19
  • Wage: £3.600
  • Value: £1.2 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 71 Acceleration, 75 Ball Control, 74 Dribbling

FC Basel is possessing an unbruised gem in their rotation, more precisely at the ST position. Esposito is a very good, strong, young, and potent player that is showcasing his abilities game in and game out. The OVR rating could be better, but the 85 potentials along with the dribbling and ball control abilities make him very easy to be utilized in the proper team. As a manager, make sure that you don’t miss on these kinds of opportunities.


Mohamed-Ali Cho (70 OVR / 85 POT)

Best Cheap Strikers FIFA 22
  • Team: Angers SCO
  • Age: 17
  • Wage: £2.500
  • Value: £3.3 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 85 Acceleration, 82 Sprint Speed, 81 Dribbling

Mohamed-Ali is a very strong player on the offensive end, as he has shown on multiple occasions that he can score from different positions. This makes him very likable to the high-caliber scouts, as it’s safe to say that he has already outgrown the environment he is playing in. Sure, the OVR rating isn’t very high, but it’s very promising due to his age and the fact that he is playing for a low-profile team that doesn’t have the facilities to utilize him properly. So, make sure you’ll have him on your list as a potential signing!


Cole Palmer (67 OVR / 86 POT)

Best Cheap Strikers FIFA 22
  • Team: Manchester City
  • Age: 19
  • Wage: £18.000
  • Value: £2.4 million
  • Biggest Strengths: 78 Sprint Speed, 76 Acceleration, 77 Agility

Palmer has proven himself as a stable and reliable choice in the offense, but he is so young and he still has so much to learn. But, the maturity, potential, and work ethic are all here, as this youngster is looking for a bigger amount of playing time to prove his skills further! Due to his age and inexperience, the deal that he currently has is a very cheap one, so make sure that you’ll use these opportunities and sign players like Palmer to your rotation!


Dane Scarlett (64 OVR / 86 POT)

Best Cheap Strikers FIFA 22
  • Team: Tottenham Hotspur
  • Age: 17
  • Wage: £3.100
  • Value: £525k
  • Biggest Strengths: 74 Acceleration, 76 Jumping, 69 Balance

Scarlett is a young, inexperienced player that has very high potential and very good OVR skills for his age. Unfortunately, Tottenham already has a high-caliber striker in Kane, so his abilities could be utilized elsewhere. And rest assured, the team that’ll sign him will be more than blessed with his presence on the offensive end.

At only 17 years of age, he provides a very mature playstyle and is able to score effectively. However, there is more to learn for this youngster, as we predict that he could be one of the best strikers in the league for years to come. That is if Tottenham decides to keep him, otherwise, the blessings that this guy brings will be used by another team, and for such a small amount of money!

Best Cheap Strikers FIFA 22

Here are the top 10 best cheap Strikers in FIFA 22 career mode:

  1. Dane Scarlett
  2. Cole Palmer
  3. Mohamed-Ali Cho
  4. Sebastiano Esposito
  5. Abdallah Sima
  6. João Pedro
  7. Joe Gelhardt
  8. Rabbi Matondo
  9. Andreas Schjelderup
  10. 1Liam Delap


We hope that this guide helped you in making the right choice for your offense. All of these players are very young, talented, and fulfilled with potential. Most of them could become the first choice when it comes to offense, as all you have to do is give them a little spotlight and see what they are capable of. Of course, they’ll most likely start as substitutes, but you could play them in less important matches, as that would mean the world to them! 

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