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Diablo Immortal: Paragon Guide

Here is our complete Diablo Immortal: Paragon guide. Learn about the Paragon system in the game and what it offers to players.

As Diablo Immortal is an aRPG game, it has various leveling systems and skill trees. Amongst those is an endgame leveling system known as the Paragon System. Therefore, in this guide, we will discuss the Diablo Immortal Paragon System and everything you need to know about it.

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What is the Paragon System?

Once you reach the max level in Diablo Immortal, you might think that you’ve run out of content. However, the game addresses that issue by providing yet another leveling system for the endgame known as the Paragon System.

The paragon system allows you to increase your levels in a traditional leveling system while also unlocking various “Paragon trees” that let you invest your points into various skills.

However, the paragon system is slightly more complicated when you consider the “Paragon World System” that determines how fast you can level up and ensures fairness among players.

Let’s have a close look at the Paragon Levels, Trees, and World System to fully understand the Paragon System.

What are Paragon Levels?

Perhaps the easiest thing to understand about the Paragon System is the Paragon Levels. As soon as you reach level 60 in Diablo Immortal, your level bar will go from yellow to green, indicating your paragon levels. All of the XP that you earn from this point will go towards your paragon level.

As you continue to gain XP, you will eventually level up and be awarded paragon points. Do note that these points are specific to the character that has earned them, and you cannot transfer them to another character on the same account.

What are Paragon Trees?

Diablo Immortal: Paragon Guide

Just like typical skill trees, the Paragon System has its own form known as the Paragon Trees. These allow you to invest points into them to unlock various different skills.

As of yet, there are 6 Paragon Trees, and there have been rumors of 4 more being added in the future. You can invest 100 points in each tree to unlock various skills.

Each tree provides you with “Specialisation Skills” and “Persistent Abilities.” The former are buffs that only work if you’ve got the specific tree activated through the tree menu. Unfortunately, you can only activate one tree at a time, so you cannot leverage the Specialisation Skills of multiple trees. The Persistent Abilities are buffs that are active all the time.

Furthermore, you don’t start off with each Paragon Tree unlocked; you need to level up to gain access to the other trees. Initially, you will have the Survivor and Vanquisher, but then you’ll unlock new trees per each 50 Paragon levels that you gain.

Here is the order in which you’d unlock future trees:

  • Treasure Hunter – 50
  • Gladiator – 100
  • Soldier – 150
  • Mastermind – 150

What is the Paragon World System?

Diablo Immortal: Paragon Guide

Here is where the Paragon System gets slightly tricky. To ensure that players are not getting too ahead of the game, the Paragon World System adjusts the amount of XP that you can get depending on your Paragon Level in reference to the Server Paragon Level.

You can either be below, above, or equal to the server Paragon Level. If you are below, you will get an additional XP bonus such as 130% or 150%. If you are equal to the server level, your XP gain will be normal. If you are above the Server Paragon level, then you will gain XP slower.

Meaning for the same number of enemies killed, a player below the Server level will get the most XP, and the one above gets the least amount.

This system was designed to ensure that the players who play more frequently don’t get too ahead of those that barely get the chance to play.

The Server Paragon Level increases by 1 each day, and it is something that you need to keep in mind while grinding.

And that was our Diablo Immortal: Paragon guide. You should now know everything about the Diablo Immortal Paragon System. It can be confusing at the start, but if you keep the World System in mind, it’s no different than the various other leveling systems. 

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