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HAZE PIECE Fruit Tier List: Best Devil Fruits (May 2024)

This is a HAZE PIECE Fruit tier list. An updated HAZE PIECE Fruit tier list that ranks the best devil fruits currently available in the game.

HAZE PIECE Fruit Tier List: Best Devilfruits

HAZE PIECE Fruit Tier List Guide

We’ve compiled a HAZE PIECE Fruit tier list for all devil fruits in the game. They’re ranked and classified into various tiers based on their effectiveness in the game. Here’s a breakdown of the tier rankings:

  • S+ Tier: Overpowered
  • S Tier: Very Strong
  • A Tier: Good
  • B Tier: Average
  • C Tier: Weak
  • D Tier: Useless

Tier List Changelog & Notes:

  • Note 1: Make sure to keep track of the HAZE PIECE Trello for any changes to the game.
  • Note 2: Redeem HAZE PIECE codes for in-game freebies.
  • October 8th Changelog: The tier list has been created.

HAZE PIECE Fruit Tier List: S Tier

S-Tier fruits are the best of the best skills on our HAZE PIECE Fruit tier list, offering the most significant advantages. Here are the S-Tier fruits you should aim to use:

  • Dragon Fruit: S-Tier
  • Magma Fruit: S-Tier
  • Phoenix Fruit: S-Tier
  • Magnet Fruit: S-Tier
  • Darkness Fruit: S-Tier
  • Rubber Fruit: S-Tier

Dragon Fruit

HAZE PIECE Fruit Tier List Rank: S

The mythical Dragon Devil Fruit allows the user to transform into a mighty dragon. In full draconic form, the user gains impressive strength, durability, and flight capabilities. The fruit’s skills complement the dragon’s transformation with several destructive techniques. The user can emit deadly Blast Breath, launching scorching beams from their mouth to incinerate foes. Violet Rain creates an explosive purple mist at higher levels, while Blast Bullets rain down rapid-fire hellfire.

Tornado creates a swirling vortex by spinning rapidly, sucking in and shredding opponents. The fruit’s Roar unleashes a concussive shockwave that devastates the surroundings. With its sheer offensive power and monstrous transformation, the Dragon Fruit is currently the best in the game.

Magma Fruit

HAZE PIECE Fruit Tier List Rank: S

The Magma Devil Fruit is in the legendary class of devil fruits and rightfully claims its spot among the elite S-tier fruits. True to its logia classification, the Magma Fruit allows users to transform their body into magma, granting exceptional offensive and defensive capabilities. They can then produce scorching hot magma to attack enemies from a distance while remaining unharmed. They also gain the unique ability to walk on water by vaporizing it beneath their feet.

In addition to its ranged magma skills, the Magma Fruit boasts a powerful flight ability to take the combat airborne. To top it off, its searing Ultimate move reigns absolute destruction upon foes.

Phoenix Fruit

HAZE PIECE Fruit Tier List Rank: S

The mythical Phoenix Devil Fruit allows the user to transform into a phoenix at level 30. In phoenix form, the user becomes the legendary fire bird, gaining flight, pyrokinesis, and regeneration abilities. At level 30, the user can unleash flaming attacks on enemies while transformed. The fruit’s level 60 ability delivers a powerful striking attack on foes using the phoenix’s strong wings and talons. Healing Flame becomes available at level 90, allowing the user to heal wounds by burning away injuries with the phoenix’s regenerative flames.

Finally, at level 150, the user unlocks Slamming Impact, a crushing blow that strikes enemies with the force of the phoenix’s massive strength and speed. With its powerful transformation and fiery abilities, the Phoenix Fruit is regarded as one of the rarest and most versatile Mythical Zoan types in existence. Its wielder can decimate foes with the power of the immortal fire bird.

Magnet Fruit

HAZE PIECE Fruit Tier List Rank: S

The Magnet Devil Fruit grants the user control over magnetism. With this fruit, the user can manipulate magnetic forces for both offense and defense. The Junk Arm Slap ability allows the user to coat their arm in scrap metal and slam enemies with magnetic force. Magnetic Projectiles launches a barrage of metallic debris imbued with magnetism. For close combat, Magnetic Slap uses a magnetic palm strike to repel enemies.

At higher levels, Magnetic Devastation generates a widespread magnetic shockwave, while Railgun fires metal projectiles at extreme velocities using magnetic power. With versatile ranged and melee attacks using magnetism, along with the ability to form strong magnetic barriers, the Magnet Fruit is regarded as one of the most versatile Paramecia types. Its wielder can crush foes and defend themselves by harnessing the power of magnetism.

Darkness Fruit

HAZE PIECE Fruit Tier List Rank: S

The Darkness Devil Fruit allows the user to create and control darkness. Its most basic ability, Dark Fly at level 30, turns the user’s body into a shadowy form for flight. The fruit’s signature Black Hole technique summons a crushing dark vortex to swallow enemies. Dark Vortex drags foes inward for close-range attacks.

Higher level skills include Dark Ball, an explosive projectile of pure darkness, and Black Dragon, which summons a dragon-shaped aura of shadows for heavy strikes. The ultimate move, Darkness Emperor, generates a huge sphere of pitch-black energy that detonates on impact. With versatile ranged attacks and transportation via shadowy flight, the Darkness Fruit is considered one of the most powerful Logia types. Its wielder can consume foes in terrifying darkness and devastate battlefields through masterful control over absence of light.

Rubber Fruit

HAZE PIECE Fruit Tier List Rank: S

The Rubber Devil Fruit has 4 different awakenings, and each one makes the user stronger and faster. It also enables them to fly. Overall, very strong.

HAZE PIECE Fruit Tier List: A Tier

A-Tier fruits on our HAZE PIECE Fruit tier list are not far behind S-Tier in terms of raw power. They are quite strong and can significantly benefit your gameplay:

  • Control Fruit: Great for farming and PvP.
  • Lightning Fruit: Very fast moves, high damage, teleportation.
  • Ice Fruit: Freezes enemies while boosting user’s defense.
  • String Fruit: 5 different moves, and all of them are good. You’re basically spiderman.
  • Flame Fruit: Very fast skills that ignite huge fires.
  • Gas Fruit: Big AOE abilities, speed/jump boost. Strong moves.
  • Snow Fruit: Big range skills covering huge area.
  • Light Fruit: Fast teleportation and laser beam ultimate.
  • Gravity Fruit: Unique gravity attacks and flight.
  • Quake Fruit: Average damage output. Has Tsunami ultimate.
  • Mammoth Fruit: Ideal for farming with heavy AOE smash moves.
  • Buddha Fruit: Transforms into invincible Buddha form.

HAZE PIECE Fruit Tier List: B Tier

B-Tier fruits on our HAZE PIECE Fruit tier list are still quite powerful, providing decent mechanics:

  • Paw Fruit: Mediocre moves with no real standouts.
  • Sand Fruit: Tornado, flight, and decent AOE smash.
  • Smoke Fruit: Similar to Sand but with less damage.
  • Bomb Fruit: Decent AOE damage despite being a common fruit.
  • Barrier Fruit: Creates defensive barriers and ranged moves.

HAZE PIECE Fruit Tier List: C Tier

C-Tier fruits on our HAZE PIECE Fruit tier list are below average and not really worth using.

  • Chop Fruit: Sword immunity but awful moves otherwise.
  • Spike Fruit: Two mediocre damage-dealing skills.
  • Clear Fruit: Turn invisible but remain visible, useless.
  • Spin Fruit: Only basic flight ability, very bad.

Tier List Disclaimer

We’ve made this HAZE PIECE Fruit tier list to help players progress through the game faster. However, as with any tier list, the skill ratings should be taken with a grain of salt. They’re purely based on our opinion—and what worked for us may not work for you.

If you like the way a certain fruit looks and feels, then play it! It isn’t always about dominating the meta. Play the game for fun.

We recommend using our HAZE PIECE Fruit tier list as a starting point for your own explorations within the game. Experiment with different fruits and strategies to uncover what works for you.

In conclusion, this HAZE PIECE Fruit tier list guide aims to serve as a compass, not a map. We’ll work hard to keep it updated with the latest meta shifts in the game. However, there are many different ways to play, and ultimately, it is up to the individual player to decide which heroes they want to play.

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