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Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage Tier List for May 2024

This is a Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage tier list. An updated Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage tier list that ranks the best mobile suits and pilots in the game.

Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage Tier List

Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage Tier List Guide

We’ve compiled a tier list for Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage for mobile suits and pilots. They’re ranked and classified into various tiers based on their effectiveness in the game. Here’s a breakdown of the tier rankings:

  • S+ Tier: Overpowered
  • S Tier: Very Strong
  • A Tier: Good
  • B Tier: Average
  • C Tier: Weak
  • D Tier: Useless

Tier List Changelog & Notes:

  • October 17th Changelog: The tier list has been added.

Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage Tier List

These are currently the best mobile suit and pilot combos for the global version of the game. You’ve probably seen other tier lists with many other characters, but they’re from the Japanese version and aren’t on global yet.

When rerolling, aim for these units.

All other UR units are pretty much average.

S Gundam / Roux Louka

  • Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage Tier List Rank: S+
  • Attribute: Blue
  • Type: Bombardment Unit

S Gundam and Roux Louka are currently the best mobile suit / pilot combo in the game. It will carry you through the content. You should aim to get these two ASAP.

S Gundam is a bomber whose critical rate increases by 50% in EX mode. It can produce firepower with a high critical rate so that it can be used in content with high firepower, such as raid battles.

After S Gundam transcends, its critical attack power increases by 36% from the start of the battle, resulting in a significant increase in firepower. You can increase the critical rate with EX skills, so increasing critical attack power goes well with S Gundam.

Transcendence also increases the accuracy and stabilizes the hits of attacks. If the attacks are easier to hit, it will be easier to take advantage of critical hits, so it is recommended to use Transcendence when using the S Gundam.

Gundam Full Armor (Thunderbolt) / Lo Fleming

  • Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage Tier List Rank: S+
  • Attribute: Purple
  • Type: Armored Unit

Gundam Full Armor (Thunderbolt) and Lo Fleming are a very good combo.

Gundam Full Armor (Thunderbolt Ver.) is a heavily armored suit specializing in durability. Its EX skills grant 50% defense for 20 seconds, and its skills passively reduce beam damage and recover HP while guarding, allowing it to withstand punishment.

Another perk is its clan medal availability. Capitalizing on its resilience, it can shield allies in various content like arenas and raids. For beginners especially, be sure to obtain this excellent early game tank.

After transcending, the Full Armor Gundam gains 50% more defense and 50% EX gauge fill at battle start, for 100% higher overall defense. This significantly bolsters its tanking capacity.

The improved durability enables longer ally protection, making it even more suited for frontline tank roles in arena and single unit capture missions.

In summary, the Full Armor Gundam has exceptional base endurance further enhanced after transcending. With reinforced defenses and healing, it can serve as a stalwart damage sponge for your team.

Hamma-Hamma / Mashymre Cello

  • Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage Tier List Rank: S
  • Attribute: Red
  • Type: Generic

Hamma-Hamma and Mashymre Cello are a decent combo to use.

Hamma-Hamma is a versatile suit capable of attacking all enemies with its EX skills. It deals extra damage against stunned foes – expect higher firepower if that condition is met.

After transcending, the Hammer recovers 50% EX gauge at the battle start for quick AOE damage, making it stronger in arenas where burst damage is key.

In summary, the Hammer can rapidly damage entire enemy teams after transcending. But it relies on allies to enable its stun bonus damage – draft stunners to fully optimize its AOE power.

Tier List Disclaimer

We’ve made this Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage tier list to help players progress through the game faster. However, as with any tier list, the ratings should be taken with a grain of salt. They’re purely based on our opinion—and what worked for us may not work for you.

If you like the way a certain character looks, then play it! It isn’t always about dominating the meta. Play the game for fun.

We recommend using our Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage tier list as a starting point for your own explorations within the game. Experiment with different team compositions, builds, and strategies to uncover what works for you.

In conclusion, this Mobile Suit Gundam UC Engage tier list guide aims to serve as a compass, not a map. We’ll work hard to keep it updated with the latest meta shifts in both PvE and PvP. However, there are many different ways to play the game, and ultimately, it is up to the individual player to decide which heroes they want to play.

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