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Anime Champions Simulator Quirks Tier List Guide [June 2024]

This is an Anime Champions Simulator quirks tier list. An updated Anime Champions Simulator tier list that ranks the best quirks in the game.

Anime Champions Simulator Quirks Tier List

Anime Champions Simulator Quirks Tier List Guide

One of the key components of the Anime Champions Simulator’s strategy involves understanding and utilizing the ‘Quirks’ system. We’ve compiled a tier list for quirks in Anime Champions Simulator. They’re ranked and classified into various tiers based on their effectiveness in the game. Here’s a breakdown of the tier rankings:

  • S+ Tier: Overpowered
  • S Tier: Very Strong
  • A Tier: Good
  • B Tier: Average
  • C Tier: Weak
  • D Tier: Useless

Tier List Changelog & Notes:

Anime Champions Simulator Quirks Tier List: S-Tier Quirks

S-Tier quirks are the best of the best, offering the most significant stat boosts. Here are the S-Tier quirks you should aim to acquire:

  • Black Hole: This quirk holds immense power and is considered one of the best quirks in the game.
  • Leprechaun: This quirk provides Luck, Coins, Move Speed, Attack Speed, and 0.6 Size.
  • Giant: A quirk that provides DMG, Crit Chance, and 1.75 Size.
  • Archmage: This quirk provides DMG, Ability DMG, and Ability Charge

Anime Champions Simulator Quirks Tier List: A-Tier Quirks

A-Tier quirks are not far behind in terms of power. They are quite strong and can significantly benefit your champions:

  • Thief: This quirk provides DMG, Drops, Attack Speed, and Move Speed.
  • Sniper: This quirk provides DMG and Crit Chance.
  • Lucky: This quirk provides Luck.

Anime Champions Simulator Quirks Tier List: B-Tier Quirks

B-Tier quirks are still quite powerful, providing good stat boosts:

  • Collector: This quirk provides Drops.
  • Genius: This quirk provides XP Required.
  • Sorcerer: This quirk provides Ability DMG.

Anime Champions Simulator Quirks Tier List: C-Tier Quirks

C-Tier quirks are average and provide decent stat boosts:

  • Rich: This quirk provides Coins.
  • Strong: This quirk provides DMG.
  • Teleport: This quirk provides Move Speed and Attack Speed.

Anime Champions Simulator Quirks Tier List: D-Tier Quirks

D-Tier quirks are below average and offer minimal stat boosts:

  • Speed
  • Accurate

Anime Champions Simulator Stats

In order to understand the Anime Champions Simulator quirks tier list a little bit better, it’s important to understand what the different stats do in the game.

Key Stats:

  • Damage – The amount of damage dealt by basic attacks and abilities.
  • Speed – Increases the attack speed of champions.
  • Attack Speed – How quickly a champion can attack.
  • Ability Damage – Increases the damage dealt by abilities.
  • Ultimate Hits – How quickly a champion’s ultimate ability charges.
  • Crit Chance – The chance to deal critical damage.
  • Critical Damage – The amount of bonus damage from critical hits.
  • Luck – Increases the chance to obtain higher rarity champion units.
  • Drops – Increases the chance to get reroll tokens and higher rarity gear from raids and bosses.

Players can reroll their champion’s stats, such as Damage, Speed, Ability Damage, and Critical Damage, at the magical tree located in Champion City. This is the first unlockable in Pirate Town. To get talent to reroll tokens, players must find and click on spirits around the maps to receive 3 talent tokens. The spirits have set spawn locations, so it is recommended to learn these spots on at least one map, with Pirate Town being the easiest.

How to reroll a Quirk?

The game allows players to reroll quirks and try their luck for better quirks. This process involves repairing the Magic Tree and stepping through its portal. However, keep in mind that rerolling quirks is not possible in Pirate Town.

Once inside the portal, head to the leaderboards and follow the path to the Magic Tree. Here, you’ll find a ‘Quirks’ floor where you can select a champion to reroll their quirks. Remember, each champion requires different medals for the reroll process.

Tier List Disclaimer

We’ve made this Anime Champions Simulator Quirks tier list to help players progress through the game faster. However, as with any tier list, the ratings should be taken with a grain of salt. They’re purely based on our opinion—and what worked for us may not work for you.

If you like the way a character or quirk looks, then play it! It isn’t always about dominating the meta. Play the game for fun.

We recommend using our Anime Champions Simulator Quirks tier list as a starting point for your own explorations within the game. Experiment with different quirks, characters, and strategies to uncover what works for you.

In conclusion, this Anime Champions Simulator Quirks tier list guide aims to serve as a compass, not a map. We’ll work hard to keep it updated with the latest meta shifts in the game. However, there are many different ways to play; ultimately, it is up to the individual player to decide what they want to play.

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