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V Rising: Best Mace Build 2023 (March)

Here is our V Rising: best mace build guide!

There hasn’t been any shortage of builds that make an opponent want to uninstall V Rising. While the weapon choice is decently broad in the game, you’d still want to switch to classes. This is because weapons like the Mace can introduce some nonsensically good builds. 

The best mace build is formulated by combining abilities like Crushing Blow and Smack with innate abilities such as Viel of Frost and Purgatory. You get to be sufficiently tanky while dealing a ton of AOE damage from Arctic Leap. 

Needless to say, the build offers lesser flexibility than many assassination-focused ones. However, its reliability and sustainability are the real deal when it comes to fighting enemies.

In this guide, I will be showcasing the benefits of the mace build along with the necessary skills and abilities needed to incorporate it into your character in V Rising. 

How Does the Mace Build Work in V Rising

V Rising: Best Mace Build

The mace is a slow yet hard-hitting weapon that is present in most modern-day games. While it is generally used in bruiser-based builds to overpower the opponent in one go, using it with a combination of specific abilities can unlock an entirely new layer to the mix. 

That being said, the basic premise of the mace build is simple, you have to hit the enemy while dodging or blocking theirs. Add some occasional abilities and you can become a complete juggernaut. 

Mace Build: Weapon Abilities

The Mace build generally utilizes two simple damage-type abilities that can provide the maneuverability to relocate your character as fast as possible. That being said, here is the best way of going about it:

  • Crushing Blow: Leap forward while dealing 110% physical-based damage. 
  • Smack: A frontal swing that deals 50% physical-based damage. The opponents receive a knockback upon a successful hit that incapacitates them for the duration of 1.2 seconds. 

Needless to say, the abilities are mainly used to compensate for the lack of attack and movement speed that comes with building for a mace. 

Best Basic Abilities To Go For in V Rising (Mace)

V Rising ability mechanics allow you to choose a total of two unique options to go for. While these abilities aren’t class-specific. It’s generally better to choose the one that incorporates the best in your build, rather than going for the one that boasts the best raw offense or defense. 

Having said that, here are the best options to go for:

  • Chaos Volley: As the name suggests, this ability launches a pair of bolts sequentially at your opponents. Upon a successful hit, the enemy will be dealt 125% magic damage while receiving Chaos Burn.
  • Purgatory: Despite being more of a defensive spell, the Purgatory allows you and your allies to heal within a certain area while dealing magic damage to your enemies. The move has two phases, with the second one being almost twice as strong. 

While the mentioned options tend to work rather well with mace builds, there’s no restriction on choosing your own abilities. Therefore, feel free to innovate if the situation calls for it. 

Best Ultimate Ability For Mace Builds

V Rising: Best Mace Build

Despite having purgatory as its main engine, the build lacks a proper AOE damage source. That’s where the ultimate comes into play. The damage from an ultimate is enough to turn the tide of mode battles. With that being said, here is what you should go for:

  • Arctic Leap: Your character leaps into the air and strikes down at the specified location. Upon impact, any enemy in a set range is dealt 225% magic damage. After a short moment, the enemies are stunned for 3-6 seconds. 

This not only allows you to get a breather but is also a great way of locking down enemies while playing multiplayer with friends. 

Not played V Rising yet? It can be found on Steam for a pretty cheap price! Keep in mind that it’s still early access, so it’s not a fully complete game.

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