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V Rising: Best Slashers Build 2024 (February)

Here is our V Rising: best slashers build guide!

V Rising is a competitive ARPG that gives you the option to build whatever you want to create your ideal Vampire. However, approaching the build intuitively tends to yield subpar results. Surprisingly, the Slashers build has gained a decent amount of fame. 

In V Rising, the Slashers build combines the damage of a glass cannon and the speed of a machine gun into one unit to create a monster unit. The most surprising fact about this build is that the mobility is not compromised, so it’s incredibly worth it!

Needless to say, the main strength of the Slashers build stems from its insane item synergies and weapon combinations. Therefore, it can be rather easy to melt enemies. 

In this guide, I will be breaking down the main strengths of the Slashers build along with all the skills, equipment, and weapons necessary to make it a reality. 

The Slashers Build in V Rising: Main Benefits

V Rising: Is The Slashers Build Any Good?

As mentioned, the damage on the Slashers build can rack up to insane amounts. The main issue with damage type builds is that the attack speed is too low, so the enemy can easily counterattack between your combos. 

Luckily, such is not the case here, since you’re not only getting an insane amount of attack speed that allows you to weave in your combos, but you’re also retaining all the base mobility. Therefore, the only compromise here is the attack range, since you’ll have to go melee. 

Building Slashers in V Rising

V Rising: Is The Slashers Build Any Good?

The Slashers is a fun way of adding some mechanical skill to your base gameplay. While it is dependent on the weapons to a certain degree, the core mechanics remain the same, even if you transition to other builds as the game goes on. 

That being said you would need to obtain and invest in Merciless Iron Slashers in order to bring out the maximum potency. Once obtained, you will need to invest in the following abilities:

Ability #1: Camouflage

Camouflage is an ability that allows you to pretend to go in stealth, like an assassin. As you might’ve guessed, the next attack allows you to deal considerable melee damage to your target.

 Furthermore, this ability grants a 25% increase in mobility for 3 seconds, thereby making it perfect for backstabbing enemies and vice versa. 

Ability #2: Elusive Strike

Similar to Camouflage, the Elusive Strike enables you to launch a series of slashing and piercing attacks at your targets. While the damage metric isn’t that high, you can still use it as an execution.

You will be dealing 60% melee damage with this ability, thereby increasing the potency of the Slashers build. That being said, the Elusive Strike can also be exchanged for something more tailored to your gameplay.  

Slashers Build in V Rising: Necessary Gear

V Rising: Is The Slashers Build Any Good?

Going for the Sapphire Pendant is your best bet since it will be able to provide you with a decent amount of spell power for the mid-game. Consequently, it also enhances the spell crit by 12%, which is a must-have if your main source of burst damage is your abilities. 

Furthermore, you can also go for the Topaz Amulet, since it’s essentially a scaled-down version of the Sapphire Pendant, but is more readily available. Therefore, it can serve as a great substitute and can be leveled to grow stronger the Sapphire variant. 


In essence, the Slashers build is perfect for those looking to play an assassin-like character in V Rising. Much to their credit, the build tends to work pretty well in almost every scenario and can dish out a decent amount of damage no matter the boss. 

Not played V Rising yet? It can be found on Steam for a pretty cheap price! Keep in mind that it’s still early access, so it’s not a fully complete game.

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