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V Rising: Copper Farming Guide

Here’s our V Rising: copper farming guide.

ARPGs are notoriously known for their progression and exploration dynamics. A player can’t be living on starter items forever, so progressing to better materials like copper becomes necessary, especially in a game like V Rising – where you always need to do your best. 

The Copper is obtained from Copper Ore, which can be farmed in the various parts of the Vardoran. While the availability of the material is pretty much global, spots like Farbane Woods tend to contain denser levels of copper nonetheless. 

Needless to say, learning the ins and outs of copper becomes evident as soon as you’re done with the earliest portions (mainly levels 1-10) of V Rising. 

In this guide, we will be taking a deep dive into this very topic in order to answer the workings of copper, how it’s used and procured, and the best farming sports respectively. 

How Does Copper Ore Work in V Rising?

V Rising: Copper Farming Guide

Much like Iron and Wood, Copper is a material that’s mainly used to smith and craft multiple weapons and equipment. It’s generally used from the early level 9s and 10s in order to craft Copper Axes, Spears, and Swords. 

Consequently, procuring decent defensive equipment is also possible since Copper is relatively easy to mine and meld than Iron. However, Copper is not only limited to early-game builds but can also be utilized in constructing some late-game materials. 

How To Mine Copper Ore

V Rising: Copper Farming Guide

Unlike most materials, Copper is relatively early-game and only requires a Reinforces Bone Mace to be mined. You will be needing a Workbench in order to craft the tool. Therefore, make sure to source that beforehand. 

Furthermore, the Reinforced Bone Mace won’t work on massively sized boulders. Thus, you will only be looking to have a go at medium to small-sized copper unless you upgrade your mining tool.

With that said, here are the materials required for creating a Reinforces Bone Mace:

Bone Mace1

Best Locations For Mining Copper

V Rising: Copper Farming Guide

While Copper is spread throughout the map of Vardoran, it’s best if you confine your search to rocky areas. This is because there are certain clusters and patches of copper that can yield a much better harvest than going at it without knowing anything. 

Having said that, the coppe is the densest in the Farbane Woods. You can head to the Bandit Copper Mine there in order to harvest large patches of it with the minimal effort possible. 

Consequently, Copper can also be found in the western half of Farbane Woods. While certain Copper Veins can render your weapons useless, it’s still possible to mine them with the help of explosives. 

However, you will have to defeat a level 30 boss named Clive the Firestarter in order to unlock the recipe for Explosives. 

Crafting Copper Ingots in V Rising

V Rising: Copper Farming Guide

While you will be mining copper in the form of ores, it’s generally not usable – unless refined. Therefore, you will have to process the raw copper into copper ingots in order to get value out of them. This can be done by utilizing the Furnace in your base. 

If you haven’t already deployed a Furnace, it can be done through the construction tab in your base. Having said that, you will require the following materials in order to build it:

  • Copper Ore x60
  • Stone x480

Once the Furnace has been formed, simply insert in the copper ores and you should be good to go!


In essence, Copper farming is one of the skills that should be learned from early on in order to progress smoothly in V Rising. While the material doesn’t have many major uses in the late game, it’s still recommended that you obtain as much of it as possible. 

Not played V Rising yet? It can be found on Steam for a pretty cheap price! Keep in mind that it’s still early access, so it’s not a fully complete game.

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