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How to Get Mourning Lily in V Rising (Farming Guide)

V Rising is one of the most popular survival games available in early access. Follow this guide on how to get Mourning Lily in V Rising.

V Rising features a vast world and is beautiful to explore, with engaging quests to complete and items to craft. Crafting is an integral mechanic in V Rising. You won’t be able to craft new items or upgrade your gear if you do not use the crafting system. To craft new items or upgrade your gear, you will have to collect several items and resources.

One of the items that you will need to collect early on is Mourning Lily, and it is used to make potions that resist the sun or holy attacks. Mourning Lilies are One of the earliest rare resources that players will need. Mourning Lilies cannot be found on the side of the road and only grow in certain locations. 

Mourning Lilies are found in cemeteries and graveyards. If you are looking to get a ton of Mourning Lilies, head over to Forgotten Cemetery in Farbane Woods. Forgotten Cemetery is the best place to farm Mourning Lilies in V Rising.

Why Farm Mourning Lily in V Rising?

Mourning Lily is an essential component of many crafting items. You will definitely need it if you want to brew certain potions, and it is also needed to craft the Gravedigger Ring. If you are hoping to find some by wandering on the paths, you will not be able to find any.

How To Get Mourning Lily in V Rising?

Now that we know why we need to farm Mourning Lily, here’s how you can get Mourning Lily as fast as possible in V Rising.

Mourning Lily Best Farming Location

How to Get Mourning Lily in V Rising (Farming Guide)

Mourning Lily can be found in many cemeteries and graveyards. But the best place to farm Mourning Lily early in the game is Forgotten Cemetery in Farbane Woods. No other location has as many Mourning Lilies as Forgotten Cemetery does. You can fast travel quickly get to the Farbane Woods.

How to Get Mourning Lily in V Rising (Farming Guide)

You will find Mourning Lily growing among the plants or on the headstones. Mourning Lily has a light blue colored glowing top that looks like a bell-like shaped head. Nicholaus the Fallen is also found in the Forgotten Cemetery. We recommend you have good armor before initiating this fight. If you are not prepared for the fight, quickly pick up the Mourning Liles and escape. 

Aside from Mourning Lily, you can also get Bones and Grave Dust from this location. Grave Dust is also an integral crafting item in many recipes.

If this location seems too difficult or inaccessible, you can also check out nearby cemeteries and graveyards to get Mourning Lily. It’s also possible to find it in village treasures and chests.

How To Grow Mourning Lily In V Rising?

If you do not want to farm Mourning Lily, you can also grow it. Head over to the market and purchase the Mourning Lily Seed from Gavyn the Shady Dealer in exchange for 15 Silver Coins. After getting the Mourning Lily Seed, plant it on a dirt or the Grass border tile. The grass border tile is unlocked after defeating Polora the Feywalker.

What is Mourning Lily Used For in V Rising?

The Mourning Lily is integral in terms of its usability since it is required to craft Minor Sun Resistance Brew and Holy Resistance Potion. You also need it to craft a Gravedigger Ring.

You will need x20 Mourning Lily, x20 Blood Rose, and x1 Water-Filled Canteen to craft Minor Sun Resistance Brew. Holy Resistance Potion can be crafted with x60 Mourning Lily, x2 Scourgestones, and x1 Water-Filled Bottle. You will also need 40x Mourning Lily and 8x Grave Dust to craft a Gravedigger Ring.

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