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What Does Quick Charge Do In Minecraft?

Irritated by the slow reload speed of Crossbows in Minecraft? Quick Charge is the solution! Lets us explain what does Quick Charge do in Minecraft.

What Does Quick Charge Do In Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game that puts a lot of emphasis on exploration and collecting resources. But, to be successful in that, you need to be well equipped in combat as well. In Minecraft, you have access to several unique and powerful weapons. You can combine these weapons with suitable enchantments to make them even more powerful. 

Enchantments can make a significant difference when paired with the right weapon. Quick Charge is an enchantment that can completely change your thoughts about the Crossbow. But you might be asking, what does quick Charge do in Minecraft? Keep reading to find out. 

Quick Charge reduces the reload speeds on your Crossbow by 0.25 seconds for each enchantment level. There are a total of three enchantment levels for Quick Charge, and the highest level will reduce your reload speed to 0.5 seconds from the original 1.25.

What Does Quick Charge Do In Minecraft

Quick Charge is an enchantment for your Crossbow. Traditionally, crossbows are considered to be slow and ineffective in combat. But with the quick charge enchantment, the result is completely different. Having Quicking Charge III (The highest enchantment level) applied to your Crossbow can reduce your reload time by 0.75 seconds. 

These numbers are incredible and make a lot of difference in combat. Crossbows have better range and higher damage output than bows. The only thing holding them back was the reload speeds. The Quick Charge enchantment puts that comparison to rest by making Crossbows the superior weapon type. 

How To Get The Quick Charge Enchantment In Minecraft

To craft the Quick Charge enchantment, you first need a crossbow to use it on. 

Here’s how you can craft a crossbow:

  • Go to a crafting table.
  • You need Iron Ingots, sticks, strings, and a tripwire hook. 
  • When the components are ready, put them into the crafting table in the pattern shown in the image below. 

Your Crossbow is ready to use. But it’s painfully slow to reload right now. Let’s make it faster.

What Does Quick Charge Do In Minecraft?

How to get the Quick Charge Enchantment:

  • Go to an enchantment table.
  • Combine your Crossbow with 3 Lapis Lazuli. This will give you Quick Charge I. 
  • You will need to go to an Anvil to get the Quick Charge II and III. 
  • You can combine your Crossbow with the Quick Charge II and III books to apply the enchantment to your Crossbow. 
  • You can get these enchantment books in a few different ways. You can find them by fishing, in loot chests, or you can get them from a Librarian Villager. 
What Does Quick Charge Do In Minecraft?

If you have trouble finding the Quick Charge III book, you can combine 2 Quick Charge II books in the Anvil, giving you a Quick Charge III book. 

What Does Quick Charge Do In Minecraft?

How To Use Quick Charge In Minecraft

Once you have applied the Quick Charge enchantment to your Crossbow, using it is simple enough. You just tale your Crossbow and start blasting whatever that is in front of you. There are two different ammo types for a Crossbow; arrows and firework rockets. The Quick Charge enchantment applies to both of these ammo types. 

The Quick Charge enchantment makes the Crossbow a really useful weapon to have in your arsenal. So, if you have been thinking about putting the Crossbow to the test, do it with the Quick Charge enchantment. You wouldn’t want to put the Crossbow down after checking out the reload speeds. 

Crossbows are a neglected weapon type in Minecraft, and that is mostly due to their reload speeds. But, combining them with the Quick Charge enchantment in Minecraft makes them a force to be reckoned with. Quick Charge and the Crossbow is a weapon and enchantment combo we highly recommend to every Minecraft player. 


That’s everything you need to know about Quick Charge in Minecraft. What is your favorite enchantment in Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below. 

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