Mythic Heroes Codes 2022 (May)

Updated: May 8, 2022 – Added new code.

Mythic Heroes is a brand new idle RPG game available for iOS and Android! If you like games such as AFK Arena, then I think you’ll love Mythic Heroes. It’s made by, the same team behind Lords Mobile and Rage of Destiny. Hopefully, having an experienced and large development team will keep the game stable and active for years to come.

It aims to take the basic concept of games such as AFK Arena and Idle Heroes, but improve the quality of life features. This includes only requiring the same copy of a hero to ascend it, and the ability to automatically progress through levels and even retry them over and over. This makes the grind of the usual kind of idle game much easier. An evolution of the genre.

Mythic Heroes Codes

So you’ve heard about the game now and want to try it out, or perhaps you’re already playing it? Either way, let’s give you some Mythic Heroes codes to boost your account to the next level!

All you need to do is follow our simple guide on how to copy and redeem the codes and you’ll be claiming those in-game freebies in no time!

Mythic Heroes Codes

As of today, here is the full list of all active codes for Mythic Heroes.

Click on each code to copy them automatically.

Active Mythic Heroes Codes:

Mythic Heroes Codes



1000x Diamonds


400x Diamonds


400x Diamonds


1000x Diamonds


3000x Diamonds


20x Standard Summon Scrolls

Make sure to redeem them as soon as possible because each code will expire at some point, and no one likes to miss out on stuff!

Expired Mythic Heroes Codes:

These codes are no longer valid to use.

  • 7ZDWM
  • VTSMV – 400x Diamonds
  • YZ5XM – 11x Hero Chest Fragments
  • 9DDBE – 12x Prestige Badges
  • LAEZM – 10x Gears of Time
  • B35L4 – 9x Adventurer Chest Fragments
  • YQ44F – 8x Lv.1 Divinity Gems
  • FLY4D – 200x Diamonds, 2x Standard Summon Scrolls, 6x 10x Gold Reward
  • WBA2M – 7x Ankaa Soulseal I
  • DQTWP – 6x Draco Soulseal I
  • XCYXM – 5x Chimaera Soulseal I
  • JP3EX – 4x 10x Gold Reward
  • XT34S – 3x SSR Hero Shards
  • ZJAL8 – 2x Baihu Soulseal II
  • JMVFU – 1x Diamond Chest
  • 4NHPS – 100x Diamonds, 1x Standard Summoning Scrolls
  • XMAS – 1200x Diamonds
  • THANKYOU – 10x Standard Summoning Scrolls
  • 8LMVS – 100x Diamonds, 30x SR Hero Shards, 20x Gears of Time
  • MYTH1 – 1600x Diamonds
  • KVCQ9 – 400x Diamonds
  • DBKW6 – 100x Diamonds, 30x SR Hero Shard, 20x Gear of Time
  • WZG7V – 400x Diamonds
  • 76HLV – 800x Diamonds
  • E5OVG – 100x Diamonds, 100x Faith, Lv.1 Divinity Gems
  • WMRZG – 100x Diamonds, 30x SR Hero Shards, 20x Gears of Time
  • O8FYX – 500x Diamonds
  • WL5UP – 200x Diamonds, 2 Standard Summoning Scrolls, 6x 10x Gold Reward
  • ISVQ6 – 100x Diamonds, 2x SSR Hero Shards, 3x 10x Star Dust Reward
  • LU93I – 100x Diamonds, 30x SR Hero Shards, 20x Gears of Time
  • B5KCC – Reward: 400 Diamonds
  • LIBAS – Reward: 400 Diamonds
  • K7LWE – Reward: 400 Diamonds

How to Redeem Mythic Heroes Codes?

1.) Tap on your in-game avatar in the top left corner of the screen.

Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG Codes

2.) Tap on the “Code” button

Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG Codes

3.) Enter your code.

Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG Codes

Where to Get Mythic Heroes Codes ?

The games’ developer will usually release new codes on the Official Facebook Page and via their Official Discord Server, so it’s worth following them there. We will also always update this page with the latest redemption codes as soon as they’re released.

The majority of codes will coincide with special events, such as the launch date, anniversary milestones and seasonal events, etc. Please note that these are not cheats or hacks, they’re free items released by the developer team and are 100% legit.

What are Mythic Heroes Codes?

Mythic Heroes codes are random words or phrases that can be entered in-game for free items. These rewards include valuable currency such as diamonds, gold, and star dust. Even Summon Scrolls can sometimes be rewarded, which will give you the chance to obtain new heroes.

As Mythic Heroes is growing by the day, I highly recommend that you follow the official community channels to keep up to date with the latest game news and information. They will be the first place you’ll find new gift codes, events, and heroes!

Wondering which heroes are the best? Check out our Mythic Heroes Tier List page.

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4 months ago

New code : VTSMV 400 Diamonds

4 months ago

Is the Code button locked behind levels or something? Game finally let me access the player icon but I see nowhere to click or enter the codes.

5 months ago


6 months ago

Only MH7777 and MH8888 work


6 months ago

thank u for the codes but please mark ones that are expired

Reply to  nobody
4 months ago

What are the codes that aren’t expired bro

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