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V Rising: How To Acquire All Floors

Here’s our V Rising: how to acquire all floors guide. We will be taking a deep dive into the floor mechanic found within V Rising.

Building your way throughout the world of V Rising might sound fun. However, it tends to stop when a low-level invasion thrashes all over your base. Luckily, the game grants you the option to expand your base by adding a wide assortment of floors.

Most of the floors can be acquired by reaching specific levels in the research desk. However, it’s also possible to gain certain floors by creating in-game habitats. Whether it’d be for books or alchemy, you will always have a floor to place. 

Needless to say, unlocking each floor requires you to go and complete certain sets of prerequisites. While you can acquire most of them by paying, it’s generally recommended you spend the necessary effort. 

In this guide, we will be taking a dive into the floor mechanic of V Rising along with all the methods of acquiring them. That being said, let’s jump in and get started. 

Floors Mechanic In V Rising

V Rising: How To Acquire All Floors

In V Rising, you will be required to build a castle as your base of operations. While its main purpose will be to provide you shelter from various dangers lurking in Vardorn, it will also be your main hub to power progression. 

Therefore, implementing proper flooring plans only becomes more and more important based on your in-game progression. That being said, here are all the floors in V Rising:

Tailor Floors

The Tailor Floors can be acquired through enemy drops. There are certain enemies that have a chance of dropping a book when slain. While it could also be a random recipe, there is a fair chance of you obtaining the Tailor floor.

Consequently, it can also be unlocked through random recipes on the Study for 75 Scrolls. 

Workshop Floors

The Workshop floors can be acquired by defeating Grayson, the Armorer. He can be found in the Bandit Armory found the northwest of the large Bandit Copper Mine. 

Alchemy Floors

The Alchemy Floors can be obtained by using the Research Desk’s rolling mechanic. You will have to spend a fair amount of paper until you find it. Consequently, it can also be acquired by using 50 scrolls in the Paper Press. 

Crypt Floors

The Crypt Floors can be obtained after slaying Nicholaus the Fallen. You will need to head southwest from the Farbane Woods area in order to find him. Consequently, you can also roll the gacha in the Paper press in hopes of obtaining it. 

Forge Floors

The Forge Floors can be acquired once you obtain the Forge Flooring Recipe along with a Research Desk. While the drop for Forge Flooring Recipe is rather random, you can still obtain it by using the Gacha in the Research Table. 

Jewelry Floors

V Rising: How To Acquire All Floors

The Jewelry Floors can be obtained by drinking the Blood of Bosses in V Rising. Once your luck and schematics are at a significant level, obtaining it will only become a matter of time since it’s rather autonomous. 

Consequently, you can also obtain the flooring through Athenaeum by defeating Raziel the Shepherd. 

Library Floors

In order to obtain the Library Floors, you will need to spend a decent chunk of Scrolls in the study. While it’s possible to obtain it through random enemy drops, you’d be better off waiting for a goose to lay gold instead. 

Prison Floors

Similar to the Jewelry Floors, the Prison Flooring also requires you to drink lots of Blood of the V Rising Bosses. While it is possible to use Athenaeum to unlock it beforehand, you would have to face and take down Raziel the Shepherd in order to make it happen. 

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