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V Rising: How to Farm Scales 2023 (February)

This is our complete V Rising: How to Farm Scales guide.

V Rising has interesting survival mechanics that keep players hooked. From devouring the blood of your enemies to upgrading your equipment to face bigger threats, there’s a lot to do in V Rising. One important aspect of surviving is crafting resources using raw materials. One of those materials is scales, which we will be having a close look at in this guide. 

What are Scales used for in V Rising?

You’ll find scales useful in the late game when trying to get the Dawnthorn armor set. You can craft it at the Tailoring Bench using a total of 480 Scales alongside Ghost Yarn and Pristine Leather. You will need 120 Scales for each piece, with 4 pieces in total. Although Ghost Yarn and Pristine Leather can be found in the Cursed Forest, Scales can be trickier to come across. 

V Rising: How to Farm Scales

You can use various methods to gather Scales in V Rising. From fishing to fighting mobs in the spider cave, you have many options. Let’s break down each farming method carefully to help you decide what’s best for you. 


V Rising: How to Farm Scales

The easiest method for farming scales in V Rising is through fishing. You can get started with a fishing rod using just planks, Copper Ingots, and Coarse Thread at the Woodworking Bench. You don’t have to worry about baits or anything; you can begin once you have your rod. 

Once you have fished an adequate number of fish, you can take them to your castle and place them in the Devourer to deconstruct the fish for scales. The recipe for the Devourer can be acquired from the Lidia the Chaos Archer, a level 26 enemy. The number of scales varies per fish, with the rare ones giving 10-50 and the most common ones not giving any scales at all.  

Fishing lets you gather various items and even recipes at times. However, due to the wide variety of items acquirable through fishing, it’s not guaranteed that you will always get scales. Furthermore, fishing is location-based. Meaning that there are certain locations where you might not even get scales from at all. 

Thus, if you want to opt for the fishing method, make sure you go to a location that has scales in the loot drop table. However, you should only do fishing if you struggle with the other much more efficient methods. 

Killing Mobs in the Cursed Forest

The best method for farming scales is killing the multiple enemies you can come across in the Cursed Forest Region. The Cursed Forest can be found in the northeast of Vardogan, and you can find creatures such as frogs, mosquitoes, and earthworms. 

The best creature for scales is the earthworm. You can get about 50-80 scales from each earthworm. However, they can be hard to find and don’t have any exact spawn location. 

But that’s not an issue as you can still fight spiders, frogs, and mosquitoes in the area. Just continue to take them out until a worm appears. By then, you should be able to get about 500 scales with ease. 

Despite sounding like the best farming location, there are still problems with this method. The respawn times are not the greatest, and you will often have other enemies such as werewolves attacking you. 

V Rising: How to Farm Scales

If you want to avoid these problems, your next best option is to farm in the Spider Cave. Although an individual enemy will drop fewer scales in the Spider Cave, you will come across more enemies here, so it’ll cancel out the effect. Moreover, you won’t have any other mobs attacking you randomly. 

Look for the exploding spiders, as they’re the easiest to deal with. You only need to gain their attention and jump out of their explosion. Once they explode themselves, you’ll be awarded 10 scales. 


And that is all we have for our V Rising: How to Farm Scales guide. It is an essential item for crafting the Dawnthorn armor. But acquiring the scales is not a major issue due to the various methods available.

Not played V Rising yet? It can be found on Steam for a pretty cheap price! Keep in mind that it’s still early access, so it’s not a fully complete game.

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