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V Rising Fast Travel & Teleport: Waygate & Cave Passage

V Rising takes place in the fictional continent of Vardoran. Here’s how you can fast travel and teleport by using Waygate and Cave Passage.

V Rising Fast Travel & Teleport: Waygate & Cave Passage

Although V Rising has not revolutionized the MMO genre but implemented the tried and tested systems in a way that it manages to get over 100K concurrent players on launch day. While in Vardoran your biggest enemy is the Sun, as you are a vampire rising from a deep sleep. In daylight, you will find it almost impossible to complete objectives.

Instead of walking from one location to another in sunlight and taking excessive damage. V Rising lets you fast travel to specific locations you want to go, but you will have to find these locations first. There are two ways you can fast-travel in V Rising.  You can either use Waygate portals or Cave Passage, and one is completely different from the other.

There are two methods to fast travel in V Rising: Waygate and Cave Passage. One method is not necessarily better than the other, both have their own pros and cons. Here’s how you can teleport and fast travel using both methods.

  1. Waygate
  2. Cave Passage

Why Fast Travel & Teleport in V Rising?

You do not want to cover long stretches of land on foot when you can move from one location to another in an instance to save valuable time. As you are a vampire, you can remain in sunlight for a long period of time. Otherwise, you will take excessive damage. It is better to use fast travel to another location instead of lingering in broad daylight.

How To Fast Travel & Teleport Using Waygate and Cave Passage?

As mentioned above, there are two methods to fast travel or teleport to another location, and both have significant differences in their workings.

How To Use Waygate?

V Rising Fast Travel & Teleport: Waygate & Cave Passage

Waygates consist of portal-like structures that can teleport you from one location to another in a blink. However, there is a catch in using Waygates. First of all, you have to locate a Waygate before using it. There are a total of 10 Waygates in V Rising.

Another significant drawback of Waygate is that If you are carrying any resources in your inventory, you won’t be able to teleport through the Waygate. You will have to store all the items in a safe location or drop everything off before teleporting through the Waygate. You can use the Waygates more conveniently by placing your Castle Heart near their location.

You will also learn the ability to build Waygate by defeating Polora the Feywalker, a level 34 boss. She will drop the crafting recipe for Vampire Gateway, among other items. You craft the Waygate to escape from the enemies. You will need x200 Blood Essence, x20 Plank, x20 Copper Ingot, and x10 Gem Dust to build a Waygate.

How To Use Cave Passage?

V Rising Fast Travel & Teleport: Waygate & Cave Passage

Another way to fast travel in V Rising is by using Cave Passage. Cave Passages allow you to fast travel with resources and loot in your inventory, which cannot be done with Vampire Waygates. There are only 4 Cave Passages that can be used to fast travel with resources. To find Cave Passages, look for glowing red cracks found on the side of rock walls.

If you have found the glowing red cracks on the side of a rock, interact with it and you will be able to interact with the red-glowing crack within a cliff at the location to fast travel. 

It is usually a one-way passage as the exit area of every passage is located atop an inaccessible ledge. Once you drop below, it can be very difficult to get back up, you might be able to get back there by transforming into a wolf, rat, or a toad.

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