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V Rising: Holy Radiation Guide

Here is our V Rising: holy radiation guide.

V Rising has players rule the world as Vampires. From sucking the blood of your enemies to crafting various items to aid you in your journey, there is a lot to do in V Rising. 

Despite being the powerful creatures of the night, there are a few items that you are weak against in the game. Staying true to the vampire lore, these items are garlic, silver, and holy radiation. Today we’ll be having a look at Holy Radiation in V Rising and how you can tackle it.  

How to Get Holy Resistance

Getting Holy Resistance is the best way to tackle Holy Radiation in V Rising. This works quite similarly to the way that silver resistance works. If you don’t have any Holy Resistance, you will lose 10HP per second, essentially acting as a poison debuff. However, as you build up that resistance, the HP loss will begin to dim down.  

Furthermore, it is vital for you to have means of countering Holy Radiation as some of the best farming locations or campaign-related locations tend to have Holy Radiation. So, if you want a chance to enter those locations, you will need Holy Resistance. 

Holy Resistance Potion

Perhaps one of the best ways to get Holy Resistance is to use the Holy Resistance Potions. The potions can grant a significant amount of Holy Resistance for a specific time. 

However, getting these potions is no easy feat. You must take down a high-level boss to get the crafting recipe. The boss in question is the Sun Priestess Christina. 

V Rising: Holy Radiation Guide

Christina, the Sun Priestess, is a level 44 boss and can be found in the Dawnbreak Village. However, going after her in the village is a death wish due to the various enemies that can back her up there. Instead, you should aim to find her in the Dunley Farmlands area. She’s usually roaming around on the pathway with only two guards by her side. If you’re struggling to find her, try taking the route from Dawnbreak Village to the Dunley Monastery, and you’ll come across her eventually. 

V Rising: Holy Radiation Guide

We recommend being at least level 40 before taking her on to have an easier time. Additionally, equipping the Chaos Valley as your long-range ability can be quite useful as she is a ranged attacker, and closing the distance could be quite hard. Chaos Valley will allow you to release two fireballs that will deal significant damage. You can also equip a dash ability to help dodge her attacks. 

Furthermore, taking out her two guards at the start will make the fight much easier. The only thing you’ll need to keep in mind is her healing ability which can unnecessarily prolong the battle. But if you attack her as she’s healing, you can interrupt the process completely.

Once you defeat Christina, you will be granted the Holy Resistance Potion Recipe. You will need 45 Mourning Lily, 2 Scourgestone, and 1 water-filled bottle to create the potion. When you have the potion, you can use it to get 50% resistance for 30 minutes. That is more than enough time to roam around the open world and achieve whatever your goals are.

Other Ways of Getting Holy Resistance 

V Rising: Holy Radiation Guide

There are a few other ways of getting Holy Resistance. You can get Holy Resistance gear that will give you resistance points per item. These include the Phantom’s cloak and Immortal King’s Mantle (both grant +15% resistance).

Alternatively, you can use the bear form to get 25% Holy Resistance. 


That was our V Rising: holy radiation guide. Hopefully, you now know everything about Holy Radiation in the game and how you can deal with it. There are various methods to gain resistance against it, and you should opt for the method that best fits your situation.

Not played V Rising yet? It can be found on Steam for a pretty cheap price! Keep in mind that it’s still early access, so it’s not a fully complete game.

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