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V Rising: How to Get Ghost Yarn 2022 (December)

Learn how to get ghost yarn in V Rising!

V Rising is an RPG that lets players start from absolutely nothing and build their way up to rule the entire world. An important aspect of that entire process is crafting, for which you will need various resources. One of those resources I

V Rising: How to Get Ghost Yarn

Ghost Yarn is one of those rare crafting materials that are hard to come by. However, there are still various methods that you can use to get it. These include farming for or crafting after acquiring the recipe from a high-level boss. Let’s take a deep look into each of these methods.

Crafting Ghost Yarn

V Rising: How to Get Ghost Yarn

The first method that you can use is crafting. This will require you to have a Loom, a tailoring machine alongside the recipe for Ghost Yarn. You can get the loom after defeating Beatrice, the Tailor in the Dawnbreak Village. She is quite a challenging boss, so do be careful. Defeating her will also grant you the recipe for Cotton Yarn, an item needed for crafting Ghost Yarn. 

Once you have the tools needed to craft the Ghost Yarn, you’ll need the actual recipe for it. For that purpose, you will need to face off against Ungora the Spider Queen. She can be found in the center of the Cursed Forest. 

V Rising: How to Get Ghost Yarn

However, the fight will not be straightforward as she is a level 60 boss. On top of that, she spawns spiders throughout the fight to catch the player off guard.

Before you even begin the fight, you should deal with the cocoons for an easier fight. When actually fighting Ungora, you should try to stay out of her melee range due to the various stomp and swipe attacks. Additionally, there will often be poison clouds on the ground that you need to look out for. Try to move around the arena, so you don’t get caught in them. 

In fact, during the entire fight, Ungora is not the main problem – the spiderlings and poison clouds are. Therefore, you should use your space-spell to dash around and escape whenever things get messy. As for the offense, you can utilize the Chaos Volley to deal damage from afar.

Once you defeat her, you will get the recipe for Ghost Yarn. It will require you to have 8x Ghost Shrooms and 4x Cotton Yarns. Taking these to the loom will get you the Ghost Yarn. 

Farming Ghost Yarn

V Rising: How to Get Ghost Yarn

The second method in our V Rising: how to get ghost yarn guide. If you are looking to farm instead of crafting the Ghost Yarn, then there are various locations that you can try out. You’ll mainly be able to gather a good amount of Ghost Yarn from the Ancient Village or the Spider Cave (the same location where you’ll find the Spider Queen). 

In Ancient Village, you can expect to clear out the area in around 5 minutes, which should give you about 3 to 4 Ghost Yarn. However, be wary as the enemies there can range from level 34 all the way to level 62. Therefore, it is recommended to have at least level 50 gear before rushing in. In this area, you can also get Ghost Shrooms (crafting items for Ghost Yarn). 

Note that you cannot get Ghost Yarn from killing the enemies there. Instead, you need to look through the various containers and chests inside the abandoned houses. If you’re trying to farm as quickly as possible, sometimes you can skip fighting the enemies and go directly towards the houses.

Once you’ve cleared one area, you can go to the other and vice versa – allowing the other area to get restocked.


And that is all we have for our V Rising: how to get ghost yarn guide. There are various methods of acquiring it, and you should go for the one that best fits your playstyle.

Not played V Rising yet? It can be found on Steam for a pretty cheap price! Keep in mind that it’s still early access, so it’s not a fully complete game.

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