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V Rising: How To Raid a Castle? Best Practices 2022 (October)

Today we try to answer the question — V Rising: How To Raid a Castle? Best Practices.

Getting raided by fellow vampires in the world of V Rising can feel frustrating. While you cannot do much about the lost raid, it’s still possible to get back at them by launching raids of your own. However, proceeding before knowing the how-to can make you suffer a bitter loss.

V Rising: How To Raid a Castle?

During your V Rising raids, your main goal should be to attack highly vulnerable castles in order to minimize your resource usage. Consequently, it’s also important to leverage the ability of Stone Siege Golems and explosives for efficient raiding. 

Needless to say, the raid technique and approach matter just as much as the raiding tools. Therefore, you will have to discern the bases with the weakest defense links from the rest. 

In this guide, I will show you the methods of raiding a Castle in V Rising. Moreover, we will also be taking a look at the best practices generally used in order to have maximum profit.

Best Tools for Castle Raiding in V Rising

Just like most of the unconventional mechanics present in V Rising, the Castle raiding is also an essential skill that allows you to grow as a player by pillaging resources from your fellow vampires’ castles. 

While turning a profit is always enjoyable, the excitement that comes from raiding is nothing to scoff at either. That being said, your main goal should always be to take precious loot from your enemies while defending your own. 

Practice #1: Use Siege Golems

The recipe for Siege Golems is unlocked right after defeating Terah the Geomancer. While her attacks are rather vicious and lethal, you shouldn’t have much trouble defeating her as long as you can exploit the subtle pauses between her attacks. 

This golem is generally used to break into stone-based walls, and since raiding is more of a late-game mechanic, you will be sure to find a lot of those. That being said, the golem timer is limited to 300s so use it wisely. 

Here is the recipe for making a Siege Golem:

Stone Brick200
Gem dust200
Greater Blood Essence12

Practice #2: Use Explosives

Head to the alchemy table and create as many explosives as needed. A good number to get started would be 5. This is because you will be encountering a lot of situations where you would have to destroy a structure within mere seconds, and there is nothing better than explosives to do that job. 

However, this method generally works for early to mid-game castles. Therefore, you would have to find a better weapon to use against reinforced walls. 

How To Raid a Castle in V Rising

To get started, your main goal should be to sneak inside in order to deploy the Siege Golem Stone. The entire server will be notified of the Golem, so you will have to act fast from here onwards.

The reason for this is that other Vampires can hunt down the golem even if they’re not the ones being raided. Since the location of the golem is visible on the map, you won’t be able to stay sneaky anymore.  

From there, simply make sure to move the important items in your private stash since there’s no telling who will die from here onwards. The golem has a total of three abilities that enable it to launch empowered attacks according to the activated abilities. 

Make sure to use them on destroying the door. Once in, it’s mostly going to be about looting chests and using explosives on walls in order to proceed to protected rooms. 

Not played V Rising yet? It can be found on Steam for a pretty cheap price! Keep in mind that it’s still early access, so it’s not a fully complete game.

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