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Volzerk Tier List Wiki: Best Characters [May 2024]

‍Embarking on a journey into the uncharted territories teeming with formidable beasts in Volzerk? We’ve prepared a Volzerk tier list detailing the game’s most potent and versatile characters to aid you in this arduous adventure.

From the formidable S-tier to the marginal D-tier units, uncover which characters will guide you to triumph and which ones are best sidestepped.

For those unfamiliar, Volzerk: Monsters and Lands Unknown is a thrilling RPG game that allows you to traverse a realm of mythic monsters. This game enables you to breed monsters, ally with friends, and combat mighty adversaries.

Volzerk Tier List: Japanese (JP) Tier lists

These tier lists have been curated by veteran players in the Japanese Volzerk community.

Volzerk Tier List: S-Tier Characters

These characters currently dominate the Volzerk meta. They’re the most sort-after units in the game that easily be added to any team. They have amazing abilities and stats.

  • Aria
  • Ruchut
  • Kirche
  • Vesta

Volzerk Tier List: A-Tier Characters

While not quite as overpowered as S-tier, these characters are still very strong and would be valuable to most teams. These characters are what we would consider to be well-balanced.

  • Kokoschka
  • Quinn
  • Luna
  • Letta
  • Tita
  • Natsuka

Volzerk Tier List: B-Tier Characters

B-tier characters can be useful, but they’re much more niche. Why we wouldn’t class them as bad, they’re really not great overall, either.

  • Ban
  • Jircniv
  • Nea
  • Girkuf
  • Tori
  • Ogma
  • Farasha

Volzerk Tier List: C-Tier Characters

C-Tier is where we start to see characters that just aren’t very viable in the game’s current meta. They’re below average and should only be used when you have no choice.

  • Zion
  • Sinan
  • Cow Mia
  • Kalmia

Volzerk Tier List: D-Tier Characters

These characters are the weakest in the game and should be completely avoided. They’re not viable to use.

  • Till
  • Dankwald
  • Yui
  • Frill

Volzerk Tips

If you’re stuck trying to progress in the early stages of the game, here’s some tips and tricks to help you get through them! Also, see our Volzerk beginner’s guide for more tips.

Enhance Your Character with Accumulated Experience Points

Use the experience points you’ve earned through exploration and quests to boost your character’s abilities. This will increase your creature’s ability release rate. Combat power is calculated based on your creature’s ability multiplied by the character’s ability release rate, plus equipment. Therefore, strengthening your creatures and characters is the most effective way to boost your combat power.

Strengthen Creatures Through Training

Once you’ve cleared episodes 1-6, you should focus on strengthening your creatures through training. Placing a creature in training will automatically enhance it over time. Training continues even when the game application is not running, so it’s recommended to always have a creature in training.

Acquire New Creatures Through Breeding

After clearing the main episode 1, you will unlock the ability to breed creatures. Breeding allows you to obtain next-generation creatures by consuming one male and one female creature. Be cautious, as creatures used for breeding will disappear, so ensure it is safe to consume a creature before proceeding with breeding.

Explore to Gain Strength

Exploration can be an effective solution if your strength is lacking in the early stages. Exploration allows you to pair creatures, obtain enhancement materials, and discover ruins. You can also obtain new weapons by accumulating exploration points and entering ruins.

Equip Acquired Equipment and Minions

If you’re struggling in the early stages, equip the equipment and minions you’ve obtained to boost your combat power. Equipment can be changed from the equipment formation of the party formation. Setting the equipment will increase your parameters based on the numerical value of the equipment, enabling you to enhance your combat power.

Once you’ve cleared the main episode 3 and unlocked transmutation, you should actively strengthen your equipment. Enhancing your equipment with alchemy will boost your offensive and defensive power, making quest completion easier.

Concluding Thoughts

Volzerk: Monsters and Lands Unknown is an engaging game that allows you to submerge yourself in a realm teeming with legendary monsters.

Armed with our Volzerk tier list and the tips provided, you should be well-equipped to assemble a formidable team and triumph in battles.

Always remember to experiment with different strategies and, most importantly, enjoy the game!

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