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Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan Build Guide – Best Build, Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons & Skills

Here’s our complete Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan Build guide. Rating the best build, relics, light cones, eidolons & skills for this character.

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Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan Build Guide

Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan Story Introduction

One of Xianzhou Alliance’s generals, Jing Yuan, is Honkai: Star Rail new released character in the 2nd beta gameplay. As the leader of the Cloud Knights of the Xianzhou Luofu, this lightning general that wields a sword has the ability to summon the Lightning Lord to aid you in the battle.

As for now, there is no hint yet towards Jing Yuan’s background story or the story behind the Xianzhou alliance, but from his character introduction, there is a clue that Jing Yuan once ravaged the battlefield but now he chooses to do whatever it takes to make Xianzhou Luofu’s state become a better one.

With Sushang being one of Xianzhou Luofu’s Cloud Knight and the appearance of Luocha, these 3 characters are the clue that we currently have in the beta progression right now. If you want to know more about Honkai: Star Rail characters like Sushang or Luocha, or even the other 20 characters too, you can check them out in our guides here too.

Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan Best Build

Jing Yuan is a playable 5 star lightning character in Honkai: Star Rail, with The Erudition Path. A character with The Erudition path is the kind of character that will deal with an AoE attack on the enemies. So we can say that Jing Yuan could act as one of your main AoE DPS in your team.

For a lightning DPS character, you want to invest a lot of Lightning Damage Boost, Attack, Crit Rate and Crit DMG for Jing Yuan. 

For the team composition, if you equip Jing Yuan with the 4 pieces of lightning relics, Band of Sizzling Thunder, which will deal more damage to enemies inflicted with Shock, then you can pair Jing Yuan together with characters that will apply shock to the enemies like Kafka or Serval. If you use Kafka, her ultimate will have a guarantee AoE shock debuff to all enemies, while Serval only has an 80% chance from her skill to apply shock to a target and the enemies adjacent to the target, so only up to 3 enemies.

Since Jing Yuan’s damage scales from his ATK too, you can also pair Jing Yuan with an ATK boost character like Asta or Bronya. But other than that, it’s totally fine to pair Jing Yuan with other characters too, since he is actually capable of being a reliable main DPS for your team alone.

Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan Best Light Cone

Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan Build Guide

Before Dawn

  • Rarity: 5 Star (The Erudition Path)
  • Effect: Increase Energy Restoration Rate based on the CRIT Rate of the wearer, up to a max of 12%. After using a skill, the wearer’s CRIT Rate is increased by 16% for 1 turn.

Before Dawn is Jing Yuan’s signature Light Cone. As the main DPS, having Crit Rate would definitely help, especially with that up to 28% Crit Rate. Thankfully, Jing Yuan’s build requirement doesn’t need a lot of attributes, only a lot of ATK or Crit Rate or Crit DMG, and some energy restoration to help him cast his ultimate faster. So, if you don’t have this 5 star light cone, you can also use the other erudition path light cones.

Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan Build Guide

Night on the Milky Way

  • Rarity: 5 Star (The Erudition Path)
  • Effect: For every enemy on battlefield, increase the wearer’s ATK by 8%, up to 5 time(s). If there is any enemy inflicted with Break, increase DMG dealt by the wearer by 24% for 1 turn.

Night on the Milky Way is Himeko’s signature light cone. Despite this light cone is meant for Himeko, but the ATK increase that could raise up to 40% would be very useful for Jing Yuan too. Jing Yuan will not deal with an additional follow-up attack when there is any enemy got a weakness break, but that additional 24% damage increase would also be amazing since Jing Yuan’s attack can actually hit like a truck.

Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan Build Guide

Make the World Clamor

  • Rarity: 4 Star (The Erudition Path)
  • Effect: The wearer recovers 18 Energy immediately on entering combat, and Ultimate DMG is increased by 24%.

Make the World Clamor is Serval’s signature light cone. Since Jing Yuan’s damage source revolves around his ultimate, this light cone can also fit Jing Yuan nicely too thanks to that 24% Ultimate DMG increase. Totally recommended to use this light cone if you don’t have the 5 star light cone.

Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan Build Guide


  • Rarity: 3 Star (The Erudition Path)
  • Effect: Increase Ultimate DMG of its wearer by 20%.

Archives is the F2P version of Make the World Clamor. With up to 40% Ultimate DMG increase when you can superimpose this light cone to max, this could potentially be better compared to Make the World Clamor, if you don’t have superimposed Make the World Clamor yet. So you can actually use this light cone if you can superimpose it. Thanks to the 3 star rarity, it’s easier to get Archives duplicates too.

Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan Build Guide


  • Rarity: 3 Star (The Erudition Path)
  • Effect: After the wearer unleashes Skill, regenerate 8 Energy

Passkey is another F2P light cone that you can equip for Jing Yuan. If energy restoration is still a problem for Jing Yuan, then this light cone would be very ideal for him. With up to 16 energy restoration if you can superimpose it to the max, you can potentially spam the burst more often and it could also compensate for the lack of Ultimate DMG increase that the other light cones would offer that this lightcone Passkey doesn’t have.

If you have both Archives and Passkey, you can aim for Archives first because the Ultimate DMG increase will be better in terms of the damage outcome compared to the energy restoration from Passkey.

Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan Best Relics

As a lightning AoE main DPS, which scales on ATK for his skill and ultimate damage, you can invest in lightning boost and ATK boost for Jing Yuan. Also depending if you pair Jing Yuan with shock characters like Kafka or Serval, it will also affect whether you need to use the 4 piece of lightning relics for the increased damage from shock enemies or not.

Here are the relics option that you can choose for Jing Yuan:

  1. 5 Piece Band of Sizzling Thunder

*Only for Shock Team

  1. 4 Piece Band of Sizzling Thunder + 2 Piece +15% ATK

*Only for Shock Team

  1. 2 Piece Band of Sizzling Thunder + 4 Piece Hunter of Glacial Forest
  2. 2 Piece Band of Sizzling Thunder + 4 Piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat
  3. 2 Piece Band of Sizzling Thunder + 2 Piece +15% ATK + 2 Piece +15% ATK

Band of Sizzling Thunder

  • 2 Piece: Increases Lightning DMG by 12%.
  • 4 Piece: Enemy receives 40% more Shock DMG from the wearer. The wearer deals 18% more DMG to enemies inflicted with Shock.
  • 5 Piece: Increases Lightning DMG by 12%.

Hunter of Glacial Forest

  • 2 Piece: Increases ATK by 15%.
  • 4 Piece: When the current HP of the wearer is above 50% of Max HP, increases the wearer’s Skill DMG by 30%.
  • 5 Piece: Increases ATK by 15%.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat

  • 2 Piece: Increases ATK by 15%.
  • 4 Piece: When the wearer uses Basic ATK, increases the wearer’s ATK by 20% and SPD by 10 for 1 turn.
  • 5 Piece: Increases ATK by 15%.

Jing Yuan’s Recommended Relics Main Stats & Sub Stats

For the main stats, here are the recommended relics build for Jing Yuan:

  • Feet: ATK
  • Neck: Lightning Damage Boost
  • Article: Crit Rate / Crit Damage

Here are the sub stats that you should aim for:

Crit Damage, Crit Rate, ATK, Energy Restoration, Speed

If you have low energy restoration sub stats, you can prioritize that first instead of ATK. And it would be better to have 1:2 Crit Rate to Crit DMG ratio so that the damage outcome will be more ideal for your Jing Yuan.

Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan Skills

Normal Attack: “Glistening Light “

  • Jing Yuan deals Lightning DMG equal to 50% of his ATK to a target enemy

Skill: “Rifting Zenith”

  • Deal 50% of Jing Yuan’s attack as lightning damage to all enemies, also increases Lightning Lord’s attack count by one for the next turn (up to ten attacks)

Ultimate: “Mercy at Your Expense”

  • Deal 120% of Jing Yuan’s attack as lightning damage to all enemies. Lightning Lord’s next action has one additional enhanced attack (not included in Lightning Lord’s attack count). Lightning Lord’s enhanced attack’s damage multiplier increases by 60%

Talent: “Extinguishing Body and Soul”

  • Summons Lightning-Lord at the start of battle. Lightning-Lord has 60 base SPD and an attack count of 3. Lightning-Lord’s attack deals 30% of Jing Yuan’s ATK as Lightning DMG to a random enemy, and 25% of the DMG dealt to the enemy as Lightning DMG to adjacent targets. Every time Lightning Lord’s attack count increases by 1 (including Enhanced ATKS), Lightning-Lord’s SPD increases by 10. After the action has ended. Lightning-Lord’s SPD and attack count return to their original values. When Jing Yuan has fallen. Lightning-Lord will disappear. When Jing Yuan is unable to take action. Lightning Lord will also be unable to take action.

Technique: “Command Talisman”

  • After using this technique at the start of the next battle, it increases Lightning Lord’s attack count in the first turn by two

Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan Eidolon

E1: “Slash, Cliffs Severed”

  • When Lightning-Lord attacks, the DMG Multiplier on enemies adjacent to the target increases by 25%.

E2: “Phalanx, Suns Blocked”

  • After Lightning-Lord’s action. DMG caused by Jing Yuan’s Basic ATK, Skill and Ultimate is increased by 20% for 2 turn(s).

E3: “Strike. Light Shattered”

  • Ultimate Lv. +3, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1. up to a maximum of Lv. 10.

E4: “Blade, Stars Felled”

  • Each time Lightning-Lord attacks, Jing Yuan regenerates 3 Energy.

E5: “Veteran. Death Conquered”

  • Skill Lv. +3, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1. up to a maximum of Lv. 10.

E6: “Spell. Foes Vanquished”

  • For a single action. Lightning Lord’s attack also makes target enemies Vulnerable. Vulnerable targets receive 12% more DMG until the end of this attack. Stacks up to 3 time(s).

Jing Yuan’s Recommended Eidolon

For Honkai: Star Rail Jing Yuan Eidolon recommendation, his E2 and E6 are the ideal eidolon that you want to aim for. E4 will totally help him to get his Ultimate ready faster too, but you can stop at E2.

E1 is good but not really what you want to aim for, since Lightning Lord’s damage is only 30% of Jing Yuan’s ATK, so the damage numbers won’t be that high even with that 25% damage increase. It’s still good because that 25% increase is a permanent buff, which will increase Jing Yuan’s DPS average number.

E2 is recommended because it will buff all Jing Yuan’s attack, from basic ATK, Skill and Ultimate too. Jing Yuan’s Ultimate damage has a big multiplier so that 20% increase will definitely be worth it.

E4 will give a lower energy restoration requirement for Jing Yuan, which could be a game changer if you want to fully invest in ATK or Crit build without worrying about the energy restoration.

E6 is a game changer for Jing Yuan, since it will increase Jing Yuan’s damage even further, and making him one of the AoE DPS that could potentially dish out even up to 6 digits number.


After reading this page, we hope that you now understand about how to get the best build for Jing Yuan. For the build, you can invest a lot of ATK from any ATK relics set, or go with at least 4 piece lightning set if you pair Jing Yuan with a shock team like Kafka or Serval. You can use any Erudition Path light cone for Jing Yuan, as most of them will buff the Ultimate DMG. For the eidolon, E2 and E6 are the ideal eidolons that we would recommend for you.

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